[Update 92] Cabinessence re: Update

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May 8, 2005
Who: Cabinessence
Where: FTL
When: 30th January 2012

I know it's just repeating stuff I've given before but with a slight bit more info. But as my biz assoc spoke with the man this week, I thought I'd keep you up to speed. The two we're after are Damiao & Willan. No surprises there. Apparently they're murder to do biz with (pot calling the kettle black there Danny Boy) as you have to deal with about 15 family members who all own a piece and it takes months and months to basically get nowhere. Still saying AVB is happy, but is that because the other options that might be gettable this window don't take his fancy and he'd rather wait? Cards close to chest time as ever these days but could be papers are right about going back in for Damiao, but then that makes his remarks about it taking months a load of b*llocks if he's leaving it till the last 24 hours.

The thing is he may be right about how long it takes to deal with these people, but f*ck me he's had about 2 yrs now hasn't he? So either you relent on the terms or move on to different targets.
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