[Update 99] Rebrab re: Doctor in Brazil

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You Can't Unfry Things Jerri
Jan 7, 2012
Who: Rebrab
Where: SC
When: January 31st. But it was much earlier today

I am posting this because Rebrab said this earlier and it's become something that people are mentioning as the source for Leandro stories now making the rounds in news outlets. It is not clear that it is pure ITK, but because it is being referenced so often, here are the quotes so people can assess for themselves.

Fasten your seatbelts... Stuff will begin to kick off at around 2 by my reckoning.
you can complete a deal subject to a medical anyway, but we have a club doctor stationed over in Brazil who can give him a medical on site. Levy knows what he is doing.
Not open for further replies.