Jul 21, 2013
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Neither is my name; just names of people special to me. Aug 11, 2013

    1. EllenAlex
      Neither is my name; just names of people special to me.
      1. Sandro likes this.
    2. Sandro
      Hi, is your name Ellen or Alex?
      Or are they both part of your full name?
      Just wondering, because my name is Alex. ;)
      1. EllenAlex
        Hi Alex Sandro :) I've only just come across this feature.

        Ellen is a deceased ex girlfriend of mine. Alex is a name, male and female, that occurs regularly in my life; glad to meet you. Sorry for the 3 year delay in response.

        Hope all is well with you.

        Sep 5, 2016
    3. JamieDaCosta
      And you disliked my post because....
      1. carlosspurs
        Fat fingers.. I'm so sorry, I was using my phone and I immediately liked your comment afterwards , it was what I was trying to do .

        Sorry again.
        Aug 25, 2013
      2. JamieDaCosta
        Aug 26, 2013
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    The future is already here. It has just been unfairly distributed. :blackalien:

    Ringa pakia, Uma tiraha, Turi whatia, Hope whai ake, Waewae takahia kia kino, Ka mate! Ka mate!, Ka ora! Ka ora!, Ka mate! Ka mate. Ka ora! Ka ora!, Tenei Te Tangata Puhuru huru, Nana nei tiki mai, Whakawhiti te ra, A upa ne ka up ane, Upane, Kaupane, Whiti te ra