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    Barcelona v Spurs - team news

    Well said that man
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    Barcelona v Spurs - team news

    I wouldn't worry about it because I'm sure Sissoko will start.
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    Barcelona v Spurs - team news

    Think it will be Lloris KWP Alderweireld Vertonghen Davies Sissoko Dier Eriksen Son Kane Alli With Winks the unluckiest man to be on the bench, as his form is better than Dier or Eriksen's.
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    Mousa Dembele – Tottenham’s Irreplaceable Enigma

    ... is what we said about Modric.
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    Eriksen vs Modric: two little wizards duelling in the sun

    I think it's a really good article. Of course they are different players as it acknowledges, but they have in common that they are creative hubs for their teams. My only criticism of it is (As has already been said) Eriksen isn't little.
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    Pochettino: Spurs face tough transfer window

    It's all more complicated than lots of people are saying. Champions league qualification is very important and clearly so is the amount of wages we pay. But there are lots of other factors in whether players want to sign for us or stay with us - geography, history, manager, teammates, first team...
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    Poch 'amazing' season is 'not enough'

    I always thought Wembley would help us. And I think it did. The whole "38 away games" thing doesn't make sense to me when at half those away games we had 75000 Spurs fans there. Next season will be harder - a truly unfamiliar ground with fewer fans in it.
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    Spurs show interest in Neves

    I know. What I'm saying is it's been a few years since there was a better player in the Championship. Maybe the phrasing can be read both ways but I would have thought most people would clearly understand what I was saying.
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    Spurs show interest in Neves

    Best player in the Championship for many years. Young and with bags of talent. Though Sessegnon isn't bad either.
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    Bale rejects Man Utd and accelerates Spurs return

    I still think Harry Redknapp is right and he'll end up playing at left back.
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    Crouch: Son is changing football forever

    It's called the high press. All our attacking players do it. If anyone deserves credit it's Poch, but even then if I'm being fair others like Klopp were doing it earlier. Funnily enough it's also how primary school kids naturally play until it's coached out of them!
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    He Is extraordinary - Pochettino wins over Tottenham new boy

    Playing Lamela absolutely made sense. He was terrific in Turin and was unlucky not to start. Bags of energy and unpredictable, exactly what you need in a sub. It's always the same with fans, the shiny new thing is always preferred to the old thing. No evidence yet that Lucas will be better than...
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    Levy’s savvy wage structure keeps Spurs in good shape

    But still - Ozil has wages bigger than Kane Alli and Eriksen combined. And he cost more to sign in the first place than the three of them combined as well. And thats Arsenal - the 5th most extravagant spenders in the league, who can't compete with the teams above them and lose their best players...
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    Dembele's Personal Highlights Against Juventus Were A Masterclass

    Agree with your final paragraph about the TV highlights, but I'm not sure I buy the Huddlestone assessment: if anything, I think the fans generally rated him higher than managers. If top managers rated him in the bracket of the other players you listed, I'm afraid he wouldn't have spent 8 years...
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    Dembele's Personal Highlights Against Juventus Were A Masterclass

    Me too. That Modric fellow wasn't bad either. I wonder what kind of career Winks will go on to have. He has something of what you say but I don't know if he has quite got the technique and the imagination and confidence to reach the level of any of the above (Huddlestone aside - he was an...