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  • He's a sad man, isn't he.
    What made me laugh was this: I actually posted that Bayern weren't in for someone (which I thought was quite inventive), and he not only neg repped me but also left an abusive message. And yet when another poster, one who he obviously arse-licks, left a siilarly humorous Bayern post (but not as funny or inventive IMHO) he posted this obsequious message about how he wasn't going to neg rep the fella as his post was so funny and inventive. Twat.
    What makes it even worse is that I tried reasoning with him, before this, about how he was flogging a dead horse, making himself unpopular, and it wasn't even anything offensive or obscene - just something a bit boring that he could roll his eyes at when he sees it. I see far more of things I don't particularly like thatn Bayern in for that I just flick through.
    Think he has issue that include a need to control, bum licking of certain members of the forum, and a total lack of a sense of humour.
    But don't put him on ignore. I did and told him I was, and he stealth negged me for saying something about being careful the humour police didn't get someone, when it wasn't even clear who I was talking about. I repeat - TWAT.
    So, no worries - you are welcome on my bandwagon anytime (for a substantial fee, of course).
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