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    Gary Neville on Kane’s England situation and Nations League

    So true! If they need a trophy, I'll go get one made saying whatever our lads want.
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    Alderweireld: World Cup proved Spurs snub unfair

    Pays better than Levy! Millionaires got to eat gold-dusted caviar just like the rest of us.
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    Spurs submit formal offer for Nice attacker Alassane Plea

    Silly season! Mid-twenties and doesn't play for France... and he just had knee surgery.
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    Bale rejects Man Utd and accelerates Spurs return

    Bale in, Rose out would be fine with me.
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    Tony Marchi 85 years old.

    Mabbutt's looking good.
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    Pochettino refuses to blame virus for sloppy Spurs draw

    They are: While still sick, colds and flu is communicable via contact. The more contact you have before and after symptoms, and irrespective of at what time, the more likely transmission. If your coworker comes into work Tuesday, and definitely certain of a cold mid-afternoon, I don't say "ah...
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    Personal terms agreed with Vincent Marcel

    Sarcasm? Because Hell Yes. For years, be it reflecting on real life or wasting my life cheating at Football Manager, I just assumed most English players were signed to as domestic makeweight in the Champions League. How many articles a year lament the piss poor status of the English domestic...
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    Personal terms agreed with Vincent Marcel

    Bleh... Another crappy french winger
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    Pochettino unhappy with Lamela showboating

    What the....? Is Lamela specifically supposed to NOT go around/through former Spurs players? I think he said he didn;t care either way... whatever gets the job done and if Lamela stopped and decided "Oh, I better not go through the legs because Andros is my buddy, that is far less team-oriented...
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    Pochettino told players he wanted to kill them

    So, I guess Pochie attended Vladimir Putin's Management Training Conference some weekend this summer.
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    Jack Wilshere could be in trouble for singing anti-Spurs songs full of expletives

    Failure by the FA to put Jackie in the Brazen Bull is proof positive of favoritism in the game. Barring that, scaphism would be a suitable solution.
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    Wimmer completes move

    I just want to say it .... "High Line" is a fad... a FAD! Not that it is not a strategy, but both it's pervasive actual use as well as the use of the tem to describe any team that is known to take aggressive defensive stances... is a FAD. Jai Alai has pedigree, but high line? eh.
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    Adebayor will only leave Tottenham for Real Madrid or Chelsea

    Perhaps. ... there might be an accident... footballers, over imbibing, fall out windows ALL THE TIME.... nature of the business.
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    Roma eye Kaboul move

    Never really saw much in Kaboul. He can be great in fits and starts, but never seemed to be able to "hold a line" steadily. IN fact, always saw more potential for him at RB where he shined brightest in my eye.