16yr old kid in the MLS - Alphonso Davies

Discussion in 'General Football' started by thfc1973, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. thfc1973

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    Anyone seen much of Alphonso Davies, a 16yr old Canadian kid who plays for the Whitecaps in the MLS..? For a 16 year old he certainly seems to have power, pace and some skills. Although he plays in the MLS, one could still see he has some quality, considering he's playing against men and still stands out.

    Wouldn't be a bad player for the future and one to keep an eye on I think.
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  2. ralphs bald spot

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    Made his debut for Canada the other day in the Gold Cup and scored twice-
  3. Tottenham_God

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    Well, i lived in Vancouver till recently. Can report I've never heard of him.
  4. Dougal

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    He's no Freddy Adu. Who is still only 28!
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  5. Tucker

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    There's still time!
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  6. JW_Spur

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    I'm in Toronto but have seen a few Vancouver MLS games and he looks to be the real deal. He is definitely one to watch for the future. Even though he plays in a lesser league, he is doing things at age 16 against grown men that show a skill set far beyond his age.

    He has a great story behind him too. He was born in a Refugee camp after his parents escaped Liberia and they eventually made their way to Canada when he was 4 or 5.

    He definitely has a chance to make it at the highest level if he keeps developing the way he has.
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  7. gushayes11

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  8. Hotspur_Hero

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    I watch a lot of MLS. He looks the real deal to me. Can't see him jumping ship to a European Academy just to ride the bench though, and he's obviously not ready for the Prem or any other top league. One to keep an eye on, but I think the MLS will want to hold onto him for a few more years at least.
  9. VancouverSpur

    VancouverSpur New Member

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    Live in Vancouver and have been to a good number of Whitecaps games and see a lot of MLS football. Can confirm this kid is the real deal and a very exciting prospect considering his young age. A lot of pace and an eye for goal as well as a good work ethic. Has caught the eye in more than just one or two of his appearances but the majority.

    Carl Robinson and the management really are being careful not to let it be too much too soon and are limiting his appearances. To be fair he should be a regular starter based on performances but they are taking it slow which is good to see.

    MLS is probably equivalent to Championship level of football so it can often be difficult to assess how good a young kid really is however if he continues on this path he will play in a better league for sure.
  10. littlewilly

    littlewilly NT, Australia

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