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    So another season ends, and as we know, we finished with 60 points compared to 65 last season. But how did we compare on a match-by-match basis?

    How It Works

    Ignoring the old cliché of taking it one game at a time, I look at the season in two lots of 6, 6 and 7 games. At the end of each batch I compare this season's results with the same games last season. The promoted teams are paired with last season's relegated teams.

    The Story So Far

    After a pitiful start with 4 points from the opening six games compared to ten last season, we recovered well and by the halfway stage we had drawn level with last term's total of 28 points. It wasn't until our 9th game when we beat West Ham at home that we achieved a better result this season than last.

    We then fell back with only 5 points from the next six games, but from that point on we pretty much matched last season's performance. We came into the final batch of 7 games on a run of five wins from the previous six games.

    Now Read On...

    We continued to equal last season's efforts by losing at Chelsea. Now there's a shock (*has Mido's infuriating missed header flashback*). We then dropped two points at Wigan, but JJ gave us a point at home to the Goons. Boro away got back those two lost points, and once again we beat Charlton at the Valley, our fifth away win compared to six last season.

    Last season we beat Blackburn and Manchester City at home, and this time those results were a draw and a win. So another two points dropped, but places are more important and 5th is a great achievement with so many more cup games.

    Holding our nerve

    So how did we manage 5th place? By holding our nerve as the season’s end approached. In the last 6 games we were unbeaten and won 12 points, as did Blackburn. Reading got 11 points, and Portsmouth and Everton 8 each.

    But the big bottlers were Bolton. Together with Newcastle, they only got three points from their last six games. That’s sub-relegation form!

    Season Summary

    My view is we had a good season and progressed. True, we didn't equal or surpass last season's points total, but we qualified for the UEFA Cup once again. Compare that to last season's performances by Everton, Bolton and Boro. None of them managed to qualify again in the same season that they were in Europe.

    Add to that the huge increase in Cup games, from two to 21 this season, and the sense of achievement increases. And let's not forget we breached the magic 100-goal season mark either.

    And how far did we finish from a CL spot? 9 points. Had we beaten Everton and Newcastle at home and drawn at Arsenal like we did last season, we would have made it.

    Looking ahead

    No more games this season, so nothing to speculate over there. So here are some close-season wishes.

    Firstly and most obviously, DO NOT SELL BERBATOV! A total no-brainer for every fan, that one. I was going to put together a video of his top moments backed by "If You Leave Me Now" by Chicago. But 30 seconds into the song I threw up on the keyboard.

    And I would like Defoe to stay as well.

    Second, increase the squad quality with some good signings. Left midfield (Martin Petrov?) and a fourth striker (Darren Bent?) would be good places to start. Squad quality can also be increased by clearing out some dead wood. No names, but the initials "DM" and "M" spring to mind.

    Thirdly, some suggestions for the training pitch: set pieces - let's execute ours and defend theirs better. And work on using those left feet.

    No international tournament this Summer, so we have three months of no football. How will we survive? Here are some dates for the diary:

    May 14: Transfer window opens.
    June 16: Next season's fixture list is published.
    June: Spurs friendlies announced?
    July 12 to 21 Peace Cup, South Korea (Spurs TBC)
    August 11: Community Shield.
    August 18: First day of the 2007/08 season.
    August 31: Transfer window closes, Berbatov still a Spurs player, collective sigh of relief.
    August 31, Draw for first round of the 2007/08 UEFA Cup

    If you have enjoyed this assessment of the season but yearn for a more statty approach, be sure to check out the Rolling Form Guide - coming soon!
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by BoringOldFan, May 16, 2007.

  1. bigspurs
    Nice one. We do need to sort a few basics out on the training pitch. It would be nice to sign 2 or 3 much needed players, but at the same time, the team needs to learn how to defend set pieces. Its like taking a 'sucker punch' every time we concede certain goals.

    Taking decent corners and free kicks should obviously be addressed too. I can't believe a decent Premiership player cannot put a good ball into the box! Its costing us games.

    Hopefully we can sort these problems out for next season and give the stinking Goons some proper competition!
  2. vegassd
  3. grazinho1
    I do so agree with what you are saying, also i would like to add that if we had kept hold of carrick and Leadley had been fit all season we would probably finished ahead of both Arseholes and Liverpool.We are nearly where we need to be squad wise but as you pointed out the dead ball thing...............Got to get this sorted.
  4. spursmadnad
    "Firstly and most obviously, DO NOT SELL BERBATOV! A total no-brainer for every fan, that one. I was going to put together a video of his top moments backed by "If You Leave Me Now" by Chicago. But 30 seconds into the song I threw up on the keyboard"

    Absolutely hilarious!
  5. danielneeds
    Yeah but the gooners scum could also argue that if they had a fit Henry, RVP, and Gallas all season that they would have had quite a few more points on the board, all swings and roundabouts innit....
  6. PT
    Our back eight / ten players was not given the opportunity to hone down to a back four of consistency because of injuries / sales / poor form.

    The real key - see top four stats - is a clean sheet followed closely by a selfish defence. A regular line-up, comfortable with each other's play and positioning is vital to this aid.
  7. vietnam1973
    the scum are there for the taking im telling y'all we need to keep going and add a couple of quality players, as the seasons pass big martin jol will get it right STABILITY IS THE KEY!
  8. MJsDeputy
    Last season Spurs conceded many last-minute goals....this season there was none. Infact Spurs scored several stopage time goals
  9. Hartfelt
    Good fun, but I think the root analysis of this season is very simple: we shipped goals. A decent season could have been a great season if we'd keep it tighter. King's absence wasn't the whole story here either.

    I suspect next season will feature several much-improved teams, outside the top four who will all augment their squads. Newcastle, Everton, Villa and Blackburn will all give us a run for our money, and I believe with the promised investment City could emerge as a decent side too.
    To finish fifth or higher, we're going to need to be far less generous because I don't think we'll get away with it next season. Relying on a Real Madrid philosophy of 'if you score 2 we'll score 3' is too risky...and ages my heart terribly.

    We have to attend to our defence more than any other aspect of the side. Current back-four players need to be better drilled and the relationship with midfield cover must be sorted. I thought we were defensively shambolic, even when Ledley came back. It's not down to the skill levels of the players - King, Daws and Chimbo all have true ability - it's down to their functioning as a unit. Is this poor coaching? Should Ledley lead the line better than he does? Are they simply too exposed by a midfield which doesn't understand its defensive responsibilities? Are we tactically naive in terms of studying our opponents' movement and set pieces?

    Our success next season will be defined by how much balance we can add to a good squad. Having the ability to attack equally well down both sides, with a solid defence will see us challenge for fourth. In Jol we trust.
  10. danielneeds
    I think this season the blend of the team was not as well balanced as the one before, the three main reasons for this are King, Carrick, and Davids. A large part of of this lack of blend was made up for by the brilliance of Berbs.

    With some tweaking of the midfield, and a fit King we should be able to cut out at least 20 goals from the against cloumn next year, which would make us a stern oppostion for anyone.
  11. paxton_soul
    Agree with all the sage comments above - and acheiving that midfield balance means goodbye Jermaine Jenas.

    The boy is a good - but he unbalances us and Zokora is just a touch better at doing the same thing
  12. GlennHoddle
    Jenas/Zokora and another centre midfielder with a bit of bite. Jenas & Zokora are too similiar - box to box players but not really defensive midfielders. Would have Jenas over Zokora.
    Barton would be good but if he's gettin into trouble in Manchester - what would the bright lights of London do to him !!
    Scott Parker, or someone from the continent would do nicely. Maybe Thudd will make the progression we all hope for next year. TT is also well and able.
    Having the King back is like a new signing and will surely sew up our defence.
  13. pierreb
    I agree, defence drills.
  14. pierreb
    Jason Cundy? What have I done?
  15. danielneeds

    I would wage good money that Zokora will never ever score 8 goals in a season for us, whilst, with a bit of luck, I would back Jenas to break into double figures next season
  16. littleAaronlennon
    Glenn Hoddle first and foremost don't ever mention a reknowed racist scumbag with my club thank you.

    Secondly paxton soul condersing J J missed a third of the season through injury, and as somebody already Zokora is totally inept when it comes to shooting. Please don't say let's get rid of J J as nobody else in the midfield gives us goals, in fact we need to build a team around the young mastero.
  17. sussexyid
    Thanks BOF, thats a blinding post, dont think I could agree more with any of it! lol
  18. Hartfelt
    I'd have Scott Parker like a shot. A natural leader and a decent footballer.

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