'All Roads Lead To N17'

Mar 19, 2013
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Hi fellers...newbie, so bear with me...I am a freelance writer and Spurs nut of many years, currently writing an e-book about Spurs fans, and Spurs fan groups from all across the globe. I have posted a synopsis here so you can get an idea what I am trying to do with it...thanks, and COYS!

‘All Roads Lead To N17’

‘All Roads Lead To N17’ is an e-book currently being written by Steve E Hale (author of Mr Tottenham Hotspur – Bill Nicholson OBE). The book deals with the legions of Spurs fans that will move heaven and earth to get to watch their beloved club from all corners of the globe, often when the team really doesn’t merit the devotion.

It will involve anecdotes from Spurs fans who are no respecters of time differences, often gathering in the small hours of the morning to tune into events on the other side of the world; it will tell of once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimages across oceans to the spiritual home of Tottenham Hotspur; and also the small army of Tottenham zealots who travel regularly from all over Europe and the British Isles to cheers on the mighty Spurs.

It is planned to make the book an uplifting read, with plenty of humour, but also with tales of dedication and heartbreak...when you support a club that have a reputation as serial under-achievers, it goes with the territory. But the old saying ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ could have been written for Spurs fans, because they have an unbreakable spirit which forges them together, no matter what language they speak or where in the world they reside.

So what will be in the book? At present it is not known whether the publisher plans to use photographs, but watch this space. If photos are included, then dig them out...the more passionate the better. I will ask all of you to recall those events that you will never forget, whether for the right or wrong reasons. I would ask you to tell what relationship you have with fans of other Premier League clubs in your area, and indeed with non-soccer lovers who just don’t get it. Also, why Spurs? Of all the clubs you could choose, what made you pick Tottenham when the easy choice would be to follow the sheep and latch on to whoever is winning at the time? Remember, this book is aimed not just at our ‘Foreign Legion’ but also at Spurs fans in the UK; it is aimed to let them know what it takes to follow Tottenham from afar.

It is hoped that we will be able to include a directory of every Supporters group, whether officially recognised by the club or not, whether a few individuals or huge organised groups with ‘chapters’ in many cities. This will include contact details and a brief history of the group.

This can be a truly original book. Over to you...


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Aug 14, 2006
If you want some 1960s stuff, let me know. There's quite a lot on here already so if you like any of it, contact me by PM. I had a mention in Julie Welch's book on John White and she and his son, Rob, are FB friends.

Good luck with the book.