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    Tottenham and Bournemouth eye Aston Villa starlet Andre Green after recovering from hamstring surgery
    Brilliant winger in the sights of Premier League clubs but bids would need to top at least £10m before Villa would be tempted to sell
    By Duncan Wright
    12th January 2018, 11:51 am
    Updated: 12th January 2018, 11:57 am
    ASTON VILLA starlet Andre Green is being chased by Tottenham and Bournemouth.
    The Premier League clubs have shown an interest after the teenager recovered from a hamstring injury which needed an operation in September.
    Aston Villa starlet Andre Green is being chased by Tottenham and Bournemouth
    The brilliant young winger has been tracked over his career ever since he made made his debut as 17-year-old.
    Spurs made an effort to sign him two years ago, but Green opted to sign a new three-year deal at Villa to continue his development with the club.
    But they have maintained their interest since then, watching the 19-year-old in action in the Championship and with the development squad.
    And Bournemouth scouts have also been present at matches this season with Eddie Howe believing he has the talent to flourish in the Premier League.
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    Mustard and Green were different cluedo characters.x
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    There's a Chinese green, leafy vegetable called "mustard green".
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    Hamstring injury? Sounds right up our street!

    Sounds promising, perhaps Onomah can put in a good word...
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    Doesn't the headline say that Tottenham and Bournemouth have recovered from hamstring surgery?

    Sorry for bumping the thread just because I'm a nerd.
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    10 million? Wtf has this lad ever done to justify that kind of price tag?
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    Well he's English..... and..... well I dunno :oops:.
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    Can lace up a pair of boots + english + >40 years old = 10mil +
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