Bill Nicholson

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    Bill Nicholson

    Nicholson is the definition of loyalty: an old-school player with an old-school philosophy. Although World War Two cost him half his playing career, he was instrumental in the Spurs side that won the league in 1951 with their eye-catching ‘push and run’ play. On the international scene he made an immediate impact for England, scoring with his first touch in his first game after just 19 seconds against Portugal. Incredibly, he’d never pull on the Three Lions shirt again as injuries and the dominance of Billy Wright limited his opportunities. He retired and returned to White Hart Lane as a manager where he presided over the Tottenham golden age, picking up trophies for fun, before retiring in 1974 after growing increasingly disillusioned with ballooning players’ wages and Britain’s ugly hooliganism. That integrity and character mark him out as a gentleman. Nicholson has gone down in history as the Lilywhites’ most important figure. A figure we can all be proud of to this day.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Proper Player, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. thinktank
    His ideals still permeate the club today, which is why we're not scumbags like those bastards down the road.
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  2. Chris_D
    He was truly one of a kind. Without him we might be not much bigger than West Ham, isn't that a terrible thought? Always hope each new manager will be worthy of legacy and I think AVB is good enough to do that.
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  3. slartibartfast
    I often think when i read about our proud history what gooners think of theirs.
    Arsenal dons moved house and set up home in spurs back yard. Then we bought our way into the then Division 1 and to this day remain the only club in top flight football that never earned the right to be there.
    We have put out a full 11 foreign players on numerous occasions, rarely allowing more than 2 Englishman on the pitch in recent years.
    Oh and our Manager despite achieving so much did so without the use of his eyes.

    Ooh I hate those shits lol.

    Bill Nicholson. Legend.
  4. Ginolas_Hair

    Yeah, you heard...

    Enfield Town :confused:
  5. HotspurFC1950
    Being picky I know but Mr Nicholson was not "instrumental" in the 1951 success. He was a good player but not a key player like Burgess, Ramsey, Duquemin, Bailey, Clarke, Ditchburn.
  6. Ironskullll
    I think also that's it's slightly incorrect to say that Billy Nick sort of "invented" Spurs. In the 13 or 14 years or so from 1949/50 onwards, Spurs had the biggest average gate in England some 6 or so times, yet Billy only became manager just after halfway through that period, and inherited players such as Danny Blanchflower.
  7. HotspurFC1950
    Again not wishing to decry Bill's achievements but he was given the kind of budget we see enjoyed today re Citeh, Chelscum, PSG etc.

    It is equally correct to say he was a loyal passionate Tottenham man.

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