Cristian Ceballos - Arouca


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Jul 21, 2011


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Jan 11, 2013
Really nice goal, good movement, chest control and half volley, Messi like.
Confirmation from others who have seen him play before, but it looked like he was the player that assisted the first goal with that ball(impressive) either that or he was the one who passed the ball to him (less impressive). Pretty sure it was him that made the incredible pass though.

Also looks like he threaded that ball through for the chance at the end. Really looked like him to me.

Still would love for him to be given a chance

EDIT: Did a bit of research and it Ceballos did get the assist. Found this

Arouca In numerical superiority managed to get an equalizer ten minutes from time, by Roberto, taking advantage of a great pass Ceballos. 's two minutes from time the visiting team arrived the same advantage, through Ceballos.

Translation from :

Em superioridade numérica o Arouca conseguiu chegar ao empate a dez minutos do fim, por Roberto, aproveitando um grande passe de Ceballos.

A dois minutos do fim a equipa visitante chegou mesmo à vantagem, por intermédio de Ceballos.


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Feb 13, 2006
Have watched him play live a few times for the u21s, his positives are clear to see with his close control he has that Spanish style of dribbling taking lots of little touches close to the body as opposed to the more direct knock and run.

Sometimes he's too greedy though and that's something he needs to work on, also needs to get stronger but he already looks a bit more filled out in those clips. Has a bit more of a solid look about him compared to a year or so ago.

I got hopes he can make it with us, hopefully after this game against one of the better teams in Portugal, he will gain more confidence for the rest of the season.


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Aug 20, 2013
After reading the reviews from the Seattle Sounders game I dug this up
Not sure if this has been posted in another thread but anyhow, a nice little compilation from his loanspell.