Down the memory Lane

Discussion in 'The New Stadium' started by Dharmabum, Feb 21, 2018.

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  2. littlewilly

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    Yes but always worth another watch. Makes you feel ancient when you see the grainy black and white newsreels and realise you might be in there somewhere.
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  4. Dougal

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    I'm a complete emotional mess over the whole thing. I miss people saying 'giant tree structures' and that was only from a month or so ago :(
  5. Gassin's finest

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    Anyone watched The Lane, the documentary film? I spent almost 40 of the 50 mins a complete mess.
  6. Roynie

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    I hadn't seen the whole thing before and I must say that it made me emotional as well. Seeing all those great players from our past teams was just brilliant. Jimmy Greaves was always my favourite player of all time, but Cliff Jones is a close second. The first ever Spurs game I went to see he score 3, but in those days a hat trick had to bee 3 successive goals without another being scored between them, by either side!

    Great memories!

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