F365 says: Pochettino shows Mourinho a real masterclass…

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by teok, Oct 18, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by teok, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. shelfmonkey
    That is a good article, with a bit of wit. (y)
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  2. Arnoldtoo
    Good article, and fair comment; but some silverware would be nice.
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  3. guiltyparty
    Nice article but the Mourinho comparisons don’t do anyone any favours.

    We get spanked by Liverpool at the weekend then suddenly his point doesn’t look so bad. We go out next round of CL next round, Utd win it, like Europa, then what?

    I hate the guy as much as the next bloke, but why can’t Poch be praised in isolation and not in the context of him? With all due respect, until Poch wins something, seems faintly ridiculous
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  4. Locotoro
    I disagree.

    Mourinho has never organically built a team, not even from his time at Porto. Chelsea, Real, Inter and me now Man Utd, the guy has spent ridiculous sums and left no outstanding legacy. In fact all of those clubs were left worse than when he joined them.

    I used to respect him but I think of him more like a virus. Infecting a team and causing irreparable damage. Yes he wins trophies but at what cost
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  5. guiltyparty
    Did you read the article? It's not to do with building a team organically, it's about in-game tactics. It is basically saying 'Urgh, Mourinho at Liverpool, yay, Poch in Madrid'.

    Now, while I think our opposition was harder, and we attacked more, both were pragmatic performances built on very good defending. It's too early to say whether a point against Madrid is meaningless for us, whereas if Man U win the title by a point, Mourinho will no doubt point back to it as pivotal.

    After Mourinho left Porto, they went on to win the league 4 times in a row. Chelsea won the league literally the next season after he left last time. Real Madrid have won 3 Champions League in the four years since he left.

    I'm not sure all those clubs were in complete disarray when he left. He certainly gave the former two an expectation of winning
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  6. Shadydan
    Yeah the reference to Mourinho was pointless but it's just click bait really.
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  7. guiltyparty
    Yeah the most annoying thing about F365. Mediawatch and Johnny Nic are brilliant, but the site is increasingly having to do all the things that both of those slag off to stay afloat.
  8. teok
    I think f365 is the complete opposite of click bait personally.
  9. Shadydan
    They write some good articles but their headlines are pure and utter click bait, not surprising because they get financed by ad revenue. When you put Mourinho in a headline in an article about Spurs (a negative at that) it's only going to attract Utd and Portuguese fans...classic journalism trick.
  10. teok
    "Click bait" to me is tricking some one to follow a link to a badly written paragraph of an article that has no substance or journalistic merit.
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  11. Shadydan

  12. teok
    Well I mean under that definition pretty much any thing could be described as click bait.

    To me the key part is that once you have clicked the link you realise you have been "baited" into viewing some thing that has no substance or merit.
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  13. mawspurs
    loving this stat

    Passing accuracy full-time update:
    Luka Modric: 87.7%
    Harry Winks 90.9%#COYS
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  14. ralvy
    Yeah, like, "15 celebs you will feel surprised to discover are gay"

    I clicked and I already knew all 15 of them were homosexual... felt like a dumbass afterwards. :unsure:
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  15. Shadydan
    Not necessarily, headlines are meant to give you an idea of what an article is about, not every headline is clickbait.
  16. diamondlight
    I've said it before but the weird thing about poch is that he's an Argentinian who builds teams that play like German sides: with big and strong athletes who pass slickly and play with calmness, ruthlessness and togetherness. Is there a German connection I don't know about?
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  17. sebo_sek
    Well, don't keep us guessing. WHO ARE THEY? :nailbiting:
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  18. Chris_D
    I had no idea he would put in a performance like that. Didn't think he'd start but now think he's pushing for a regular starting spot.
  19. guiltyparty
    The main definition originally was misinformation - suggesting one thing in the head that when you click through is not true. Then it morphed into subterfuge. So withholding some key info from the headline so you have to click through to find out.

    Now it just seems to be having an enticing headline, which is bullshit isn’t it? A journalist is literally doing their job - as long as they’re not lying and it’s rekevanf to the piece, I don’t get the problem with that.

    Clickbait is now as misused as troll or fake news

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