Fans say no to Olympic Stadium

Discussion in 'The New Stadium' started by FSF, Jan 17, 2011.

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    Yes, because the ability to build is an asset, even if Enic are waiting for a white knight to come and do it.

    There's scope for more development in Tottenham if the club move to Stratford, isn't there, probably at a cheaper price? That has to go into the Stratford package.
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    We wouldn't just be handed £200m after completion though would we?
    Thought we would get the money back over the long term
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    Do you think there's a long term issue here as well, is there much scope for an expansion beyond the NDP? Do you think there are certain restrictions being located where we are? Restrictions that most other clubs have divested themselves of.

    I can't help but think that if the club is going to get bigger and bigger (there's no telling how the new financial regulations will pan out, but they should be good for us) then a move someday is an inevitability. Maybe we need to learn how to be martyrs... if it's going to be on anyone's watch...
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    I'm sure there could well be opportunities that Stratford could present that the NDP cannot, like enhanced corporate revenue. And yes, we could develop the land we own in N17 or sell it on if we did move.

    So I'm not discounting that Stratford does have benefits and that it will make money for us. My point is that so will the NDP.

    First phase of the NDP was always to complete the supermarket first. Then the pac man stadium, then the full stadium, then the southern end development of hotels, housing etc.

    So, yes there will be a time lag, but the supermarket will help bring in cash early.

    If we move to Stratford, we will have to go through a whole new planning application, s106 etc. That took two years for the NDP, which was incredibly quick.

    We could have built the supermarket and stadium for the NDP in the same amount of time it would take just to get planning permission for Stratford.

    As far as I know, with the NDP it would be 56,250 with no scope to expand in the future. As it is being suggested that it will the same stadium design being used for Stratford, if that is indeed the case the same restrictions (from an architectural point of view) would still hold true.

    That said, until such time as our plans for Stratford are confirmed, it is speculation that we'll use exactly the same design.

    I doubt very much there wil be significant need to increase capacity much beyond the 56,250 proposed anyway.

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