Four boys and a Jeroboam


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Dec 20, 2006
I used to have an idealistic view of a pro players life away from the game. One night out with a couple of world class players ended it for me.

Footballers are you and me with more money and they do things that scratch your head. I could never go out the night before a game but I had team mates who did and would turn in great performances the next day. In some cases they got away with it but most would be eventually found out and shipped out.

United have been so successful for so long because character counts to Fergie. I am not sure we have had a manager since KB who has had a similar ethos although I have a feeling AVB might see the game the same way.

From my experience Irish and British players have a different view to other nationalities of the role of alcohol in the dressing room. See the latest with Ribery for one example.

I stopped being upset as a fan a long time ago. The game has changed and players don't respect their clubs the way the fans do.

If Lennon scores the winner on Sunday I am sure all will be forgiven.


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Dec 2, 2004
Tabloids never let the truth get in the way of a good story ffs. But nothing like a de-stabilising story ahead of our biggest game of the season? It wouldn't be much of a story with 4 halves of shandy? Isn't the Mirror the rag with a monster Scum fan on the staff? Probably just getting slightly windy ahead of Sunday!


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Jun 7, 2005
This story is probably true (the players were there in that nightclub), but making a moral judgement as to the extent of what was happening but not proven, (were they having a social drink or binging?) by some of us seems somewhat unfair....
And so off we go, following on down those well-worn paths of the problems with today's sportspeople; too much money, too much time on their hands, being "mercenaries" etc., etc.
This is not meant as a crticism of you for disclosing the story 'Jimmy...'; i'm just surprised that it's provoked so many comments on here.....but when times are tough for many of us this type of story is good therapy I guess.
Jul 13, 2012
A complete over reaction. A few vodkas 3-4 days before a big game is no going to ruin their fitness. Football is a multi-million pound business, the players deserve the largest percentage of it because they are people who the people pay to watch.