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    Good Week

    Roberto Soldado

    First off, it is nice to win a penalty for once! Secondly, it’s nice to have someone who can score a penalty! Little Bobby did not see many sightings of goal as we struggled to open up Palace but he scored on his debut and the record books don’t separate penalties from the other goals.

    We will see more of Soldado’s striking skills as the season progresses but it is always a good sign when you’re transfer record signing delivers on debut.

    The other debutants

    All four got on the pitch, and they all did well. Paulinho was full of drive, Soldado scored, Chadli had moments where he stood out, and all three looked like they would acclimatise to the Premier League straight away. However the player I was most impressed with was Etienne Capoue, who in his substitute appearance looked to have the tackling of Sandro, the strength of Dembele, but also some forward passing which our side severely lacked. Coming in under the radar, the Frenchman could be the best signing of the lot.

    Danny Rose

    The season on loan at Sunderland seems have to been the making of Rose who combined looks of powerful running with some good defending. He has a tendency to go diving in, which while giving away free kicks will also add some aggression to a side that can be a little tame at times. He seems to have seen off BAE, but will he secure the left back spot for the whole season?

    Hugo Lloris

    Clean sheet on the opening day and some smart saves at the end. While it probably won’t matter on Thursday, I do hope Hugo plays in the Europa League proper.

    Tom Carroll

    Scored in the 6-0 rout of Scotland U21s, smashing one past his fellow Spurs team mate Jordan Archer.

    Bad Week

    Jordan Archer

    Let in six against England U21s overwhelmed their rivals north of the border. Not only did Archer see Carroll score past him, but there was also the embarrassment of England’s third goal, where Archer, kicking the ball from his hands, sliced it ten yards and was duly lobbed by Connor Wickham. He’s still young etc etc but not a week to remember.

    Jermain Defoe

    England has a new goal scoring hero in Rickie Lambert, while Spurs have Soldado. JD could have turned his week around he had finished off his impressive burst through the Palace defence by scoring and settling our nerves, but he did not. It turned out alright in the end but Defoe will have to take the majority of the chances that come his way otherwise he might fall out of the picture for both club and country.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. jenko
    Can't argue with any of that. I think AVB has also had a good enough week to be mentioned as he managed a new team with injuries to a winning start in the league while maintaining quiet dignity throughout the Bale 'interrogations'.
  2. stenard
    Totally agree on Capoue. The immediate comparison I drew was to Sandro. Having the two of them in the squad should be perfect for consistency of the team dynamic week to week.
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  3. beuller
    No disagreements here. Good summing up.

    I actually thought yesterday's result is better that we are giving ourselves credit for. We had a slighty unfit central defensive partnership, a new look midfield and attack but still kept a clean sheet away. I feel clean sheets are more important than hatfuls of goals at this stage of our development.

    Capoue is all action!
  4. WhiteHeartLowe
    Rose worries me though, I know hes still young, and looks good going forward, but he seems all at sea defending, and gets rattled easily, as said above he tends to dive into tackles and gives away free kicks in damgerous areas, picking up bookings as he does so. For me, hes not yet good enough to replace BAE.
  5. JimmyG2

    Unfortunately nor is BAE.
    He might just do as he develops and he fits AVB's game plan and balances up with Walker.
    Most of his faults can be coached out.
    Would like to see Carroll and Townsend on Thursday and perhaps Sandro for a run out.
    Almost certain that Friedel will play.
  6. jenko
    Perhaps not now, and I love BAE too but sometimes you have to invest playing time into a player to reap the rewards at a later date. From trying to look at it from AVB's point of view I see advantages for him over BAE which include:-

    Desire - Theres no doubt he wants it more (imo),
    Tactical flexibility - BAE is reknowned for not being as interested in tactics or football in general according to himself and certain ITK,
    Rose is 6 yrs younger,
    Rose is Faster (I think),
    Injury record speaks for itself - BAE has a dodgy knee,
    Attack - Rose 'may' have a better cross on him but both have a good shot. Rose however is a lot more likely to shoot and to dribble into the penalty area from what I have seen.

    So as much as I love BAE I can see Rose's appeal. I think the WHL crowd make him a little nervous and he needs to get over that. I see mistakes in his game but if he wants it enough and is willing to learn then he can slowly cut those mistakes out (just as Benny did to a large extent). I think AVB is aware of his tendancy to get rattled (something you wouldn't see from BAE) which is why I was delighted to see Kaboul come on near the end yesterday - it was an intelligent substitution - but I'd stick with Rose for now and the fans on the day need to show they're appreciation to help him along.
  7. Roscilous
    Sandro is playing for the under-21 side against Man City today. Hopefully he'll come through unscathed.
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  8. sak11
    This, this and this...

    BAE was pretty poor when he first came to us and took @ 3 seasons to develop the consistency needed to make the position his. So before knocking Rose remember that last season was his first season at left back so it is going to take time - maybe in the current climate of instant success time we may not have... however to knock him at this stage of his development is unfair.
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  9. Capocrimini
    Whilst I agree that Rose is young and has alot of potential our fans wont see it that way. Rose and Walker are both 23 and both get huge amount of stick off our lot and its annoying. I think Walkers done well to stick at it some of the comments in the crowd and on here are nonsensical about the lad. However what worries me about Rose is his temperament, seems to have a massive ego and sadly I cant see him controlling it.
  10. Ironskullll
    That game had banana skin written all over it. The Bale sideshow; the Vertongen doubts; the under-par pre-season, and away to a newly promoted team in a London derby - pretty good performance all things considered.
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  11. TimJ

    Really? Has Walker been getting stick? I live abroad so don't get to the games much and am oblivious to all that, but I am generally very impressed with Walker. Last season he was not as good as in his first season, but he still performed well enough to secure a spot in the England team. I thought he was our man of the match against Palace.

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