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    Good Week

    Jermain Defoe

    Has signed a very tasty contract to see him through the twilight of his career, and popped up with a goal on saturday to show everyone he still has it.

    Tim Sherwood's half time team talks

    A dire first half, followed by a much improved second half. Tim wasn't happy with our first half performance against Southampton, and the fact he can turn games around is very heartening to see - however he was to blame for our poor first half against Palace (see below).

    Still, 13 points from 15 is very impressive in anyone's book.

    Nabil Bentaleb

    Oh so close to a magnificent first professional goal to top a very good performance for someone so young. His passing looks largely very accurate, he plays the ball quickly, if he can develop and impose his game on matches then he will be a very good player indeed.

    Kyle Naughton

    The redemption continues. He looks a lot happier as a right back, with Lennon ahead of him. If Walker is out the other Kyle has shown that there is not so much to worry about.

    Christian Eriksen

    Lovely run off the big man and nice finish.

    Shaq Coulthirst

    First senior goal, for Orient on saturday.

    Bad Week

    Tim Sherwood's starting tactics

    I'm behind Sherwood, I like what I've heard and seen from him as Spurs manager so far, however he made two blunders before 3pm at the Lane.

    First, he expected Palace to sit back and soak up pressure, and his players looked equally shellshocked to find Palace coming at them.

    Secondly, and no doubt a result of this, the bizarre use of Lennon in the first half an hour contributed to our poor performance and openness that was exploited by Palace.

    Azza was pushed right up against the Palace left back, basically in a Right-Forward position, in all phases of play - go back and watch and you will not see Lennon helping Walker out as he normally does until the half hour mark. In a 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 formation that is fine, but when playing a midfield four all four midfielders have to help out defensively. With Eriksen not exactly the most disciplined defensively, Dembele having terrible positioning (often picking up the deep Jedinak) and the young Bentaleb being overwhelmed by Chamakh dropping deep and two wingers cutting inside, it was no wonder we were overpowered through the centre.

    Roberto Soldado

    Hmm, what to do with the Spaniard? He may curse that Defoe got the good luck and fortunate bounce that Robbie is not getting, but JD's movement was a lot more livelier - perhaps a result of us taking the lead and Palace getting stretched.

    Either way, Soldado needs to start making an impression on the scoresheet asap.

    Paxton stand, row 23, seat 198

    Some people face away when a penalty is about to be taken, too scared to watch. And then a ball smacks them in the back of the head....
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Jan 16, 2014.

    Bad week: Daniel Levy: a number of fans questioning moves made on the playing, coaching and recruiting side since last May.
  2. Krafty
    And it will ever be thus...

    Might make the end of season review, but I can't put the same thing in every week! :p
  3. JimmyG2
    Good week.
    Benteleb, was impressed with the number of first and second touch passes
    he made. The exact opposite of Dembele.

    Bad week
    Dan Levy. It looks as if his cunning plan for Tim to keep the seat warm for somebody more famous else is backfiring. Slow down Tim or the job will be yours.
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  4. Sweetsman
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  5. eViL
    I dream of the day that another Spurs fan understands the 4-3-3 formation.
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  6. Jules
    So true about Lennon, it was clearly tactics, that didn't work. We looked like 4-3-3 while defending, which left 3 midfielders against Palace with 5 in midfield. I actually have faith that Tim will learn from this. Faith that I didn't have 13 points ago. COYS.
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  7. alamo
    Bad week Sherwood......

    Hmmkay o_O
  8. Gaz_Gammon
    Your talking in hindsight, and making yourself look foolish.

    Anyone who has seen Palace play away from home this season would have expected them to put ten men behind the ball and hit the opposition on the break. Therefore Tim's assumption would have been correct as would have any sensible PL Manager given that they would have seen this in the tapes of the Palace games this season.
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  9. DEFchenkOE
    Care to explain it then?
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  10. JoeT
    Bad week: The news that Capoue is to be let go.....before Bentaleb has really established himself as a first-team player.
  11. Spurs1961
    So is that Bad Week: 4-3-3 because it's misunderstood? Or Good Week: 4-4-2 for sneaking in again?

    And what is it that I am supposed to understand?

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