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May 26, 2004
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Yes, like your daughter's ex-boyfriend or that rash, Good Week/Bad Week is back! For those who are seeing this for the first time, this is a column that evaluates the past week or two for the Spurs boys, staff and players, but does not look too much at individual performance but more about the bigger, longer term impacts. Speaking of which....


Mousa Dembele

Some pretty good/content performances from the languid Belgium international, but two starts from two make the past week or so a very good one for Mousa. I still doubt that he provides enough end product to truly deserve a place in an attacking trio, and slows down the play too much when selected deeper, but the ex-Fulham midfielder was in danger of being the forgotten man at White Hart Lane this summer.

Youngsters were getting pre-season minutes, a forward, winger/forward and a central midfielder were all on the club's radar, and yet there was very little interest from buying clubs for Dembele. Even Paulinho found a buyer! But Mousa has started and played well in the two games so far, and will likely start against Leicester too.

Eric Dier

A rough diamond at defensive midfield, or a subtle shout out from manager to chairman that improvements were needed? The way Dier has both got on the ball and also filled in as a third centre back as the play is developed indicates that this is a tactical change that Pochettino is looking to introduce. Whatever the case, Dier has not been completely out of his depth in midfield although we all hope he will be second choice in that position.

Ryan Mason

We might have thought Mason would end up being the spare wheel in the Spurs midfield but his drive, ambition and positioning is something none of the other central midfielders can match.

Nathan Oduwa

The loan to second division Rangers is a curious one, but could be the making of Oduwa. The winger will be given a platform to show his skill, with wins for the Glasgow giants largely thought to be a given. Even after one cameo appearance he is now a marked man, but if he comes out of this stronger, then there is nothing left for him to fear. If you survive a kicking from some rough Scottish footballer/butcher, the fancy dans in the Premier League will not present a problem.

Franco Baldini

So he does have a use. Spunked the Bale money on a bunch of tripe, but has also managed to rid the club of most of that tripe without losing too much money. A summer that has seen Paulinho, Chiriches, Stambouli, Kaboul and Capoue leave in prompt manner means the Italian with the unmoveable hairdo deserves some credit. If he can find a home for Adebayor and Lennon before the end of the month then all will be forgiven.

Emmanuel Adebayor

Another couple of pay cheques in the bank. Probably hasn't turned up for pre-season, much to the club's happiness.


Harry Kane

Two games, no goals. As much as the media are in love with one of our own, it won't be long before they flash the one season wonder in our face. Sooner he gets off the mark the better, for everyone. The sooner the club sign a decent striker to take the goalscoring burden off his shoulders, the better. Being taken off with fatigue an hour into the second game of the season indicates that something, somewhere, has been messed up.

Hugo Lloris

Broke his wrist on holiday, sits out the first game of the season when we do pretty well defensively, gets back in goal only for Spurs to do a classic and let a two goal lead slip late on. Same rubbish, different season. Bad news for him, and good news for us, is that their does not seem to be a suitor lying in wait.

Nabil Bentaleb

Complained about contract negotiations dragging on, signs a new bumper contract, and puts in one of the worst performances I've seen in a Spurs shirt for a long while. It's frustrating to see a player take the safe option all the time, passing sideways and backwards. However, passing it straight to the opposition is worse and after two warnings, Bentaleb eventually set up United's only goal on the opening day.

Came on with Spurs two up last weekend and could not stop the initiative being passed over like an embarassed mother giving chocolate to a crying toddler in the middle of Bluewater. Really needs to pull his finger out.

Daniel Levy

I understand why we have to wait to get the players who will make a big impact right away (simple case of being down the pecking order) but yet again the month of August passes us by and we have to play catch up. On the plus side, Pochettino's squad is slowly taking shape so we should only need one or two additions each season from here on, but if we don't solve our central midfield and striker issues properly Levy will get more stick, and this time it will be fully deserved.

Milos Veljkovic

U20 World Cup winner this summer, played against Barnet U20s this week.

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Aug 16, 2010
Glad to see this column back, @Krafty! Well done, sir!

You're very 'kind' to Franco, though. Not sure of the P&L relating to the Malignant 7, but i am pretty sure it makes sad reading.
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May 17, 2005
Nice to have this column back.

I'd say you're way to kind to Baldini, though. Nobody expects all of our signings to work well, but you've got to get more right than wrong. I think Baldini's tenure at Spurs has been an undeniable failure. And while it's good he got rid of some of his terrible buys, we've hemorrhaged money on those...close to half what we paid, despite the usual Spurs cult narrative about paying a tuppenny bit up front and having the rest of the fee paid based on performance.

And you're a bit harsh on Kane. From what I've seen in the two games, he's looking like the guy who has made the step up (hopefully a Bale-esque step) and not a one-season wonder. He rarely loses the ball and isn't always playing the safe pass. He's got a calm head despite the extra marking attention. He always carries a threat because of his directness and willingness to take people on. He's a line leader and our collapse after his departure vs Stoke underlines all this. Scoring is only part of the Kane package.

The failure, as you've pointed out, is not having a potential back-up or partner in a similar mould. He can't do it all on his own, even though we sometimes look like that's the plan because the closest players to him are strolling 20 yards behind him and taking 6 extra touches to move the ball forward.


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May 19, 2006
must be frustrating for Velkjovic to see Dier playing ahead of him in DM. Dont really get it myself as hes looked handy in that role each time Ive seen him play (admittedly, only a few times).


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Aug 13, 2004
Really enjoy this column, keep it up!

Two points, though. Has Baldini left the club? And Kane was taken off with a knock to the ankle/calf, not because of fitness.


May 27, 2005
Always a good little article to read and mostly very accurate. Lets hope next week one of the goods is MP.