Good Week/Bad Week


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May 26, 2004
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We've waited for the close of the window....


Eric Dier

Who said we needed a new defensive midfielder? With each game Dier looks better and better, and, worryingly, better than his more established colleagues in central midfield. We can only hope that the young Englishman will provide the platform for the likes of Bentaleb to take their games to the next level.

Dele Alli

Scored his first Premier League goal against Leicester, and certainly looks a very talented player. By the end of the season I can see him being a starter as we have few players who make good runs off the ball and drive forward into goal scoring positions.

Danny Rose

Ben Davies had done pretty well but Rose's physicality is apparent over his rival.

The defence as a whole

Slowly, but surely, we are forming a formidable defensive unit. The shut out against Everton was very impressive, especially given how they exploited Southampton on the break when they won 0-3.

Clinton N'Jie and Son Heung-Min

While the defence did very well, and we had plenty of chances against Everton, we still lack enough players who show a ruthless streak in front of goal. Son in particular should slot straight into the team, and N'Jie's pace should see him eventually usurp Chadli who, despite scoring a fair amount of goals, just doesn't look top class.

Erik Lamela

He might have wanted to leave; it may have been best for all concerned if he did. However, since there were no striker additions, Son has not really looked comfortable playing as the lone striker for club or country, and Chadli just looks lost in a central position, Lamela will probably be the starting forward in our League Cup and Europa League games. I still believe there is a player there but I don't think we've identified the best way to get something out of him. Playing upfront might be the chance he needs, and with few other options he will inevitably get a chance to turn his Spurs career around (didn't work for Soldado though).

Nathan Oduwa

Rangers might not be playing the standard of opposition that will really help push Oduwa's career onwards, but he is certainly making an impression North of the border.


Daniel Levy

Overall, I think we have done well this transfer window. Shifted a lot of deadwood, bought in a couple of first XI players, some good cover...but....

Levy loves a deal. He loves a random, often crap signing. What is amazing (and could actually be a good sign) is that, having missed out on Berahino, we did not plump for Johnny Random. The one time we just needed an extra body, someone who we would happily call a stop gap, just a number to add to the list, Levy doesn't act. Yes, we won't end up with a "Stambouli" who we just end up shifting within 12 months, but while we had a lot of midfield options when we signed the Frenchman, we have only one out and out striker above the age of 18 at the club (ignoring the injured and on loan Coulthirst).

We've missed targets before. We've ended up with stop-gaps. They've been rubbish *cough Rasiak cough* but in this case they would be firmly second choice, and within a year third choice, and that's fine if they know it. We would all have been content with any old striker, knowing that Berahino was the one we want and we will try for again.

The Poch project is a big one - just look at how many players we have bought and sold in his time at the club - and I am glad to see signs that we are making smart decisions that are aimed at long term, sustainable success. However in this case just a random foreigner would have done as there is literally no one to support Kane.

Harry Kane

Mentioned in my last column that people would start talking about his lack of goals, and that missed one-on-one will not have helped matters. Sooner he scores, the better for him and us.

Also, with the lack of forward options, our hopes of anything verging on success this season depend on Kane. Hope he has strong shoulders because he has the weight of the whole club on them.

Mousa Dembele

Just when he was a regular starter, he picks up an injury that seemed to come from nowhere. With two new signings plus Pitchard and Alli competing for those attacking midfield positions, Dembele will be on the sidelines. If any of them make a decent impression then it could be the beginning of the end.

Emmanuel Adebayor

What a div.