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    Internationals and the win over Sunderland. Here we go...


    Ryan Mason

    Slowly seems to be building something alongside Dier, and Mason's drive from midfield and timing of his runs is very impressive. Finally capped one of those runs with a lovely finish in our only real fluent move of the match.

    Showed some good passing, and suddenly our central midfield issues do not seem so problematic.

    Eric Dier

    Think this will be the last time Dier will be in this column for playing really well out of position. Looks like the defensive midfielder we have been lacking since......Parker? Freund?

    Made some great tackles, was impressive in the air, and such is the rise of the young Englishman that he will likely take Thursday night off.

    Andros Townsend

    Back from injury and provided some much needed pace, directness and width. He'll no doubt get a chance to impress on Thursday and with his Spurs career still subject to much speculation, this really is the time to grasp the nettle.

    Given the lack of true pacey wingers who will attack the byline, I hope Pochettino gives Townsend some decent game time because, while his end product is up and down (his shooting is certainly up, up and away), we can look extremely slow and turgid without him.

    Nacer Chadli

    Well, he was on for the full ninety minutes, although that was probably due more to Son and Alli making their first Premier League starts.

    I think Chadli might fall from favour this season - when Mason was on the sidelines and we were down to ten men, Kane was asked to fill in on the left and Chadli was allowed to be the lone centre forward. That he cannot be trusted to be an orthodox wide midfielder, coupled with a lack of effectiveness or influence in the final third, it is not hard to see others overtake him. His shooting was particularly poor.

    Ben Davies

    Wales on the brink of Euro qualification - Davies edging ahead in the battle for first choice left back.

    Daniel Levy

    It might have involved a few suitcases full of cash, but with the departure of Emmanuel Adebayor Levy has managed to offload pretty much every player that Pochettino had identified as being more than surplus to requirements. Only Fazio remains, and even then you get the feeling Poch would not be against using his fellow Argentine.


    Ryan Mason's body

    Another injury, it seems the lad cannot get any luck. He puts his body where it hurts, and unfortunately his body comes off worse nine times out of ten. We can only hope its nothing serious and he will be available against Palace.

    Nabil Bentaleb

    They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. It's safe to say that was not the case with Nabil this weekend.

    Alex Pritchard

    Rumours circulated that he could be set for another loan move, which would be very disappointing for his development and Spurs future. Not on the bench while Harry Winks was, but should get an opportunity to impress in the Europa League opener.

    Tottenham's Harry Kane

    Goals for England but his Spurs drought continues. Looks a little jaded, and the confusion in our attacking play (save Mason's goal) coupled with a lack of width until Townsend came on strangled Kane's game. Still puts in a lot of effort, and his build up play was good, but let's hope he opens his club account next week.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. t-baggins
    Agree with the most part here, although I have to say Chadli for me was more impressive centrally towards the end. He is dangerous in and around the box... Not out wide. Although Sunderland had tired - as had Chadli, he got himself into decent positions, and with composure, would have put the result beyond doubt.

    Townsend was very effective also. Happy to see he is still at the club, as he definitely has something to offer. Especially with the Europa league commitments.

    Dier... Very good. It would be nice to see him move the ball a little quicker at times, as it does feel like an opportunity to get the ball wide into space is lost, but that will hopefully come with more game time.

    Lamela did well to set up Mason... Let's hope he can take confidence from that assist, and realises he doesn't need to beat all and sundry to make an impact.

    Onwards and upwards from here.
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  2. Gaz_Gammon
    Not gonna happen.

    With Son, Clinton and Eriksen to come into the starting eleven?

  3. Hot$pur4Life
    Sorry, but I felt Chadli was our worst attacking player. He constantly sized the defender up, but dribbled straight into him. I was honestly was pissed that Son and Alli came off before him. fit or unfit, both were more constructive than Chadli failing to beat his man everyone... Townsend beat his man almost very single time,and if Chadli continues playing like that Townsend deserves to have his questions answered in regards to his lack of time.
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  4. yankspurs
    Chadli's been very poor so far this season. Bad week for me.

    Very sad how Davies has seemingly edged ahead of Rose. Rose was by far our best defensive player last season and played very well in the last game. Davies did well today but wasnt good in his other starts this year for us. For me, Rose is the sure fire #1 LB for us and is one of the best LB's in the Premier League.
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  5. UbeAstard
    I think Townsend will get game time as he showed he can beat a man with the ball at his feet. After his performance it would be crazy if he didn't.
  6. yankspurs
    Townsend played great when he came on. I was very pleasantly surprised. I'd love to see how an AM3 of Townsend Lamela Eriksen would do right now. If Towsend and Lamela played like they did yesterday, it would be a very fun attack.

    Come to think if it, i dont remember Poch playing those 3 together last season much if at all.
  7. t-baggins
    I didn't think Chadli was any good for the most part either... But he was definitely dangerous with 10mins to go in the opposition box... Note his blast over the bar from 8yards out...
  8. Sanj
    Good Job @Krafty
    One notable exeption from this seems to be Dele Alli.
    Started his first league match for us and showed some great skills to set-up a couple of opportunities. Also seems to have a bit of steel and is happy to put himself about on and off the ball. have very high hopes for this lad.
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  9. JoeT
    I agree with you regarding Rose, he will have chances to shine later on; it's a long season. I think Mauricio wanted Davies to have a tun of games to get his confidence back after his injury.
    We have two up-and-coming right backs in the squad, and Rose is still our main man
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  10. Sanj
    Just a note on Nacer - he's getting a lot of stick and it wasn't one of his strongest displays, but we need to cut him some slack.
    Changing his position, his midfield partners and our left back from game to game cant be helping him settle into some form. I think he started working well with Rose last year as it allowed him to drift in more and let rose create the width. This year, davies - whilst playing well - is a different player and doesn't go past the wide man and get to the byline as much as rose does. Also, chadli's movement allowed Rose to get more space in the box last year and we saw Rose score a couple last season from these positions.
    Chadli should have scored yesterday, but at least he is getting in the positions and getting chances.
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  11. deka_spur
    I thought Chadli only came on for the last 15min - I swear I didn't see him before that.
  12. littlemandefoe
    How the fuck is Chadli on your 'good week' list?

    Also after what you said about him, whats good about it?
  13. yiddo23
    Only reason I can see Davies playing ahead of rose was that danny wasn't a hundred percent. Davies is most certainly capable, but rose is clearly one of our best and most dynamic players, and possibly out best defender. Seeing him not in the starting lineup for anything other than fitness irks me, hes just better, clear as day
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  14. grittyspur1
    Bad Week: Tim Sherwood! Need I say more!(n)
  15. Sanj
    Surely its a good week for Tim - just look at all of the media time he's getting..... :whistle:
  16. parj
    I thought Ben Davies was poor. Defensively, Lens had him. In possession, he was poor in passing. However, he made lots of cracking runs down the wing.

    Dier was very good again.

    Kane...should have scored. If that was Soldado this forum would have gone mental!!!
  17. UbeAstard
    One think I find shocking is that we have no-one who can put a decent corner in. No one? Bad week for the corner takers.
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  18. grittyspur1
    We miss Eriksen!
  19. newbie
    I think the Europa league will suddenly give game time to some players who will step up, like Prichard for example.

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