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    The thumping of Bournemouth, the disapppointment of Belgium...


    Harry Kane

    Back in the goals, and a match ball under his arm. It was easy to forget, amongst the goals of last season, that a lot of Kane's goals were great pocher's finishes - the far post tap in, the one touch finish from a cross, the rebound. With better service, the HarriKane used his tremendous off the ball movement and predatory instincts to bag a hattrick.

    With Villa next up, Kane must be eyeing up another match ball.

    Christian Eriksen

    Goal scoring on Thursday, assist making on Sunday. When on his game, Eriksen is a creative dynamo, his languid style deceiving the opponents as he quickly switches through the gears and plays a perfect through ball, cross or shot.

    It's great to have him back in the team.

    Dele Alli

    Starting on the bench against Anderlecht might have been seen as a disappointment but the truth is it shows how far Alli's stock has risen. Now, the youngster is such an important part of the first XI that he is not being risked in Europe. A link with PSG might have been spurious, but it wont be long before the media start their transfer rumour bs.

    Dominic Ball

    90 minutes for Rangers, and it seems the second Spurs loanee in Glasgow is making his mark too.


    Andros Townsend

    Ineffective against Anderlecht, and seems to be falling down the pecking order with each passing week. After missing out on the World Cup in Brazil, Andros will be worried that a lack of game time will see him missing out on another international tournament, so word of a loan move is not surprising.

    He does not seem up to the standard of what Pochettino wants from a wide attacker, and Pochettino shows no sign of entertaining the idea of a traditional winger. This could be the beginning of the end...

    Kieran Trippier

    Caught napping for the second time in three Europa League appearances. If he had hopes of usurping Walker at right back then he needs to be on the top of his game for the full ninety minutes. I also feel that we wont see the ebst of his play going forward unless a striker who is strong in the air is playing to get on the end of his crosses.

    Ben Davies

    Fallen back behind Rose?

    Nathan Oduwa

    Seems like the only way his Scottish opponents can deal with him is to do a hatchet job on him so he cant play.

    Marcus Edwards and Kaziah Sterling

    Dropped to the bench for the England U17s must win game, it is no surprise that Three Lions were knocked out. We might be a bit bias but without two of the young lions better attackers its probably better for the players that they are back at the Lodge.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. avonspurs
    I don't think there is anything bias about that statement - it's factually correct. Unbelievable that they weren't playing.
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  2. davidmatzdorf
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  3. Hot$pur4Life
    Felt rose was poor on Saturday. Davies crosses are far better as well(by miles)
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  4. Ironskullll
    It might be churlish to comment on poor grammar and hasty spelling in ordinary threads but if someone wants a piece of writing to be considered as a column and to command the extra attention of a what should be a well structured piece then, yes it's BIASED. Pocher and ebst are a bit annoying too.
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  5. carpediem991

    Couldn't see that vs Anderlecht...
    Rose is far more of a threat going forward than Ben.
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  6. grittyspur1
    Great to see Kane back in the goals! It's no coincidence that Eriksen is also playing at his best. Both players must stay healthy & fit for Spurs to have any hope of reaching the top four this season. There's no one in the squad to replace them.
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  7. parj
    What about Dembele? Was brilliant against Liverpool, scored against Bournemouth. No idea how he was against Anderlecht

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