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    Good Week

    Gareth Bale

    Man of the match performances for both Tottenham and Wales, three goals and assist. He is fast becoming this generation of Spurs fans’ Greaves, Hoddle, or Gascoigne, the one you tell your kids about, the “Joe Bloggs might have scored 120 goals this season and its only September, but I saw Gareth Bale in the flesh. Now that was a player! If he was playing now he’d have 220 goals, never mind 120!”.

    It was great to see a free kick go in, and his second wrapped up a very valuable three points. I could go on but words would not do the Welsh wizard justice.

    Steven Caulker

    My fear at the beginning of the season was that Caulker would not get enough games for us, but be too good to go out on loan again. He’d become disgruntled (or simply pine for a move for the sake of his career), we’d have to let him go and end up making a big mistake.

    It was a surprise to see him play ahead of Vertonghen, and while there is still more to come from the young man, it is very encouraging that AVB has faith to play him in pretty big matches. It was also pleasing to see him stride out of defence with the ball, a bit like Super Jan does.


    Made some interesting choices, notably Caulker and Naughton ahead of Benny and Vertonghen, and to take off Holtby for Adebayor, but in the end we picked up the win we needed.

    AVB is not afraid to rotate players in certain positions (and yet not in others, again, interesting) but given the international matches midweek, the run of weekend-midweek-weekend-midweek matches, and Lyon on Thursday in a competition the boss is taking seriously, it is probably the right thing to do. We might not be at our fluid best but hopefully it will avoid the kind of end of season slumps like the last two campaigns.

    Clint Dempsey

    Yet more evidence the lone striker role doesn’t suit him, but in a funny way Clint could have picked up two assists on Saturday. He won the free kick from which Bale scored, and it was his punt upfield that Bale ran on to (although Adebayor might have got the penultimate touch). His ability to play wide in midfield also adds to his usefulness, although if we are honest Bale’s emergence as a central threat, Holtby’s signing, and the need to play a proper/only available striker up front may mean he’ll start to miss out on game time.

    Adam Smith

    Two assists for the U21s on Tuesday, the Millwall-loanee should make it to the U21 championships in Israel in the summer. What happens with him next season will be very interesting, for him and for us.

    Simon Dawkins

    Premier League debut at 25. Dawkins has had a rollercoaster of a career so far, and like all academy products I hope he does well as a footballer and earns a living from it.

    Bad Week

    Bale fans

    The more he plays like this, the harder it will be to keep him at the club. Still, lets cross that bridge when we come to it.

    Emmanuel Adebayor

    After dicking the club around with his ACN participation, I don’t think it helped to arrive late back, even if it wasn’t his fault. Fortunately for him he’ll get a chance of redemption, probably against Lyon, and we really need him to fire.

    Tony Parks and family

    I’m sure we all wish Tony, his son Joe, and the rest of the Parks family all the best and hope Joe can pull through this tough battle.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. littlemandefoe
    bad week for gazza too. :-(
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  2. N17Jack
    Caulkers run reminded me of Ledley in his prime, must be our third choice centre half after Super Jan and Kabul. What does everyone else think?
  3. Edgarsglasses
    Personally would put Caulker behind Dawson in the pecking order,can't believe the club were actually considering selling him.
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  4. rupert miller
    Id still rather have Daws in there at the moment. Still think Caulker has a lot to learn but you need 4 top center backs at your club. We are lucky to have them all. With Walker, Naughton, Benny and Fryers along with Lloris, i dont think we have to purchase anyone in defence for years now
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  5. jonola
    If Bale keeps up these types of performances we may need to start using a third category.
    Good / Bad and simply Sublime.
    What a player
  6. N17Jack
    You seem to have forgotten Gallas too
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  7. rupert miller
    Think a 10 mill offer, when Kaboul was fit, was pretty good and may have been used say towards a striker at the time. Glad they didnt take it now
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  8. rupert miller
    I havent, i dont think he will be with us next season and not conceding late goals these days may have something to do with him not playing
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  9. yid-down-under
    maybe a decent back up when brad retires.....
  10. mdharris
    Archer, by most accounts, sounds very promising. So we may be covered there as well.
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  11. Gaz_Gammon
    Assumption with absolutely no quotes or proof that this was the case. Why don't you just call him a useless shit? That way we all know what you think of him.

    Do you know when Dempsey arrived back?

    If your going to write bilge and superstition and want it in print then follow this lead, it would suit you down to the ground:
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  12. Krafty
    Well, we all know his participation in the ACN was off, then on, then off, then on again, he said so himself.

    As for arriving back late, again he did but as I said, I don't think it was his fault (a flight got cancelled/rearranged I believe). However, the point stands that given how this season has gone, he doesn't want to annoy the management for the moment.
  13. Gaz_Gammon

    The two posts are from you, so why change? From "dicking the club around" to "i don't think it was his fault" all in an afternoon.

    See how being inaccurate can piss fans off?

    Fine it may not have been helpful and perhaps the PM of his National side asked him to play, but it's hardly like the AVB didn't know before kick off of the first game of the season that this could be a possibility.
  14. GetSpurredOn
    Adam Smith should be a viable option too next year. From reports I've read, he is rumoured to be potentially better than Walker/Naughton, better final ball.

    Yeah, think he will step up into the mix as of next season, and gradually take over Brad as no.2. Lawrence Vigouroux is rumoured to have bags of potential too.
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  15. rupert miller
    We still have Gomes in theory.....
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  16. beuller
    I read it as he was 'dicking' us around with whether he was going to play or not.

    The point about him being late is secondary and krafty doesn't criticise him.

    I don't think the two posts are contradictory or particularly inflammatory.

    Your response is way over the top.
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  17. S17PUR
    I'm not so sure that Caulker and Dempsey had good weeks, and AVB got away with it to an extent. The side of the pitch on which Newcastle threatened the most, and ultimately scored from was the side guarded by Naughton and Caulker. I would go as far as to say that if BAE and Vertonghen were defending for that goal, then it might never have come. Both Naughton and Caulker attempted tackles with their right feet, instead of their left and AVB has to take the blame to an extent. We got away with it thanks to the brilliance of Bale, but we easily couldn't have.

    Dempsey put in a frustratingly inept performance for the most part. It's not his position but that does not excuse his poor touch unfortunately. I'm not one of the people who slag him off constantly, and he does have his uses, but to list him as having had a 'good week' is a stretch too far for me.
  18. Gaz_Gammon

    contradictory [ˌkɒntrəˈdɪktərɪ]
    1. inconsistent; incompatible
    2. given to argument and contention a contradictory person
    3. (Philosophy / Logic) Logic (of a pair of statements) unable both to be true or both to be false under the same circumstances Compare contrary [5] subcontrary [1]

    n pl -ries
    (Philosophy / Logic) Logic a statement that cannot be true when a given statement is true or false when it is false

    Yer, your so right.............................
    When he wrote regarding "dicking" the club around or "i don't think it was his fault" which one did he mean to say because he can't be right both ways. "Dicking the club around" suggests that he did this on purpose. My response was in defence of the player, his actions, the clubs understanding that he would arrive back late and the writers assumptions made up from what actual evidence? None.
    "My opinion is that" is understood to mean that no truth is in fact known. If that had been the case then there should be no problem with what he wrote should there?.
    The writer makes a statement about one of or own players that is simply not true. I think that when anyone writes or makes a statement that is untrue then it can cause to inflame people. The level of that depends on the individual.
    Had the article been written by the DM or Sun the shit would have truly hit the fan on here. Why should it be o.k. for one of our so called own to write this tripe when we castigate so called professionals?
  19. Gaz_Gammon


    "It's very difficult. First he was authorised to come back on Friday. Some issues arose that have put that comeback in jeopardy, but he still was in time to come back and make an impact from the bench."

    I rest my case Guv'nor......................

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