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    Good Week

    Jan Vertonghen and Michael Dawson

    Both were outstanding on Sunday. They dealt well with the aerial threat of Giroud, even though they didn’t dominate the Frenchman. Woolwich played a surprising amount of balls in the air, which suited our centre backs down to the ground.

    They also made plenty of interceptions, blocks, tackles, and showed immense concentration and composure as we defended our lead. Credit should also go to Walker and Benny, and Hugo for a stellar defensive performance.

    Scott Parker

    I think it’s fair to say Scottie has not been at his best since his return from injury, but each game he has progressed and it goes to show that even with all the modern facilities, medical developments and treatments, after a long absence players need competitive game time to get back to their best.

    Parker has made several bursts forward, obviously given license by the manager to make breaks when he can, and he picked up an assist at the weekend and could have picked up another one if Defoe’s shot had not gone wide.

    He still turns back into trouble a little too often than we’d like, but he is no longer a liability and the partnership with Dembele appears to be coming along.

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Hot off his first Premier League goal for Spurs, we had a disciplined, team performance from the Icelander, and he could and probably should have had a goal to go with his lovely slide rule pass.

    Jermain Defoe

    A timely return from injury, JD held the ball up well, made some intelligent runs, and with Adebayor picking up his own injury he can expect plenty of games to add to his goal tally.


    Big decision to play Sigurdsson instead of Holtby, and it paid off. AVB also made a good tactical switch, after Arsenal had enjoyed exploiting our left flank in the second half, he switched Bale and Sigurdsson round, giving us a greater left side presence.

    What’s also encouraging is how players, partnerships, and the team unit as a whole is continually improving. Remember when we were conceding late goals? Manager changes up training and the problem is resolved, in fact we have become the team that scores late goals.

    While we were under a fair bit of pressure after the goal in the second half, we never looked fraught or desperate, and there can be no doubt the coach has had a direct influence on that. In fact the only area AVB has not succeeded with has been the curious case of Emmanuel Adebayor. Still, that leaves him something to work on for next season. Maybe.

    Bad Week

    No one from the Spurs side of things. Even if someone played poorly, didn’t touch the ball, or didn’t make the squad, they all contributed to a derby win.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. UncleBuck
    I'm sure someone can find something to moan about....;-)
  2. avonspurs
    Would it be a bit harsh, as its an indirect link, to put Darren Gough in there for bad week? I don't usually listen to Talksport but did today and, if my ears didn't deceive me, I'm sure he said that "Frimpong is as good a player as any that were on Spurs bench".
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  3. shao
    why didn't we win 6-1! Unbelievable.
  4. smalltownhero
    Just watching MNF and they compared our goals conceded in the first 16 versus the past 12 games

    Apparently in the last 12 league games we have conceded two second half goals, none in the last ten minutes and lost no points!!! That compared with 10 points lost due to goals in the last ten minutes. Quite a turn around full credit to the gaffer and coaching staff
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  5. yid-down-under
    Yeah, let's moan about having nothing to moan about!!!!
  6. Lilbaz
    For the first time ever I'm gutted that I'm on nights rather than days. Would have been lovely to hear all the goons moan about their team. I never gloat, as I've been a Spurs fan long enough to know better, but god does it make me feel good.
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  7. balalasaurus
    im not trying to moan but i think scottie's not yet back to himself. i cant be the only one who noticed those misplaced quick passes he tried to make. one specifically stands out where scott was the link between walker and aaron. he needs to work on that because we cant afford to lose possession like that. all in all though credit to the lads for making my week. bring on inter
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  8. beuller
    You are probably right, he's not back to last seasons best. But I do genuinely think that it's a matter of time.

    I can see his experience and drive being really important for the last 10 games.
  9. Shirtfront
    Here's a moan for you. Dembele is a long way short of the player that started the season. Still breaking up play nicely but none of the surging runs from midfield that stood out previously. I suspect he is still struggling with an injury (hip?) which is restricting him. But with that and Parker still a little way from his best, we struggle to dominate the midfield like we will need to again Liverpool, Chelsea, City etc.

    Don't get me wrong; great wins against arch rivals in difficult matches (Spammers and Scum), but not the form that the results might indicate. That's what good sides do of course; find a way to win. But I for one won't be counting my Champions League tickets before they hatch.

    (Of course, you know all of this is just code for: I am desperately trying not to get over excited because I have been hurt too many times before ;-))
  10. Sum Monsterism
    player in "not maintaining fantastic form throughout entire season" shock!

  11. Sanj
    This may be unpopular, but i though Parker was terrible again. I'm not a huge parker fan, as i think he is a very limited footballer, but i would like you all to educate me on what i seem to be missing.
    Ignore his passing and vision which is average at best when he is on 'form'. However, in the derby his positional play was poor as the arsenal midfield had so much time on the ball - albeit we were outnumbered - but parker was charging around headlessly leaving huge gaps in front of the defense where the real danger was. Parker also seemed to stand off the opposition midfield giving them time on the ball to pick their passes (something that cost us for Joe Coles goal v West Ham). this is meant to be his strength, yet he seem to be winning less and less tackles as games go by and also seems to be making less interceptions. the stats may tell us differently, but this is my opinion with the naked eye.
    Additionally, parker is often brainless, as indicated by the foul on Ramsey that resulted in their goal. he did well initially to cover the Ramsey run, and then had Ramsey running backwards towards Monreal. Instead of letting the ball be passed backward, he got too tight and allowed himself to be turned and then pulled back Ramsey. Its not the 1st instance of Parker giving away brainless free-kicks and it won't be the last.

    Anyway, this is what i see when i watch Parker. If you disagree - please let me know what you see, as i really can't fathom what makes him a 'top 4 footballer'
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  12. Sum Monsterism
    I see a god.
  13. Sanj
    re: Parker
    if this is not complete evidence that drugs are harmful i don't know what is.

    Disclaimer, i have no actual evidence of the taking of narcotic substances by Sum Monsterism, but can only put his comment down to delusionalism, and would like to think this is brought on by some outside factors.
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  14. Chris_D
    I agree Scottie hasn't come back as good as he was before he was injured. In the last game it didn't show up too much but against West Ham he just wasn't his old self. I'm hoping he'll get it together but we may have to accept his best days are behind him and plan for next season with Sandro and Dembele in the middle with Parker and Livermore in reserve.
  15. balalasaurus
    while you might be right about the injury i have another theory. when dembele and sandro worked together there was almost a non-verbal understanding between them. they each knew their role and knew what to expect from each other almost on a symbiotic level. from what ive seen moussa and scottie just cant seem to forge that same relationship that works so well and they both know it. maybe the reason dembele doesnt run forward as often is because he doesn't have confidence in the defensive cover or positional fluidity provided by his current partner. you can somewhat tell this from his body language as well. that being said however i believe he needs to try harder. we all know life rarely gives you what you want and the same rules apply on the football pitch. he has to make lemonade with the lemon he's got instead. i do hope he's not too badly injured
  16. grittyspur1
    Bad week for injuries- we currently have Ade, Dembele and Dempsey on our injured list ( Let's hope they are fit to play this week or Spurs could find itself in a spot of bother! COYS!!!!
  17. Sweetsman
    Parker may not be diving in because he has been coached not, but old habits die hard. You may have also noticed that Dawson isn't diving in kamikaze fashion anymore. It's all the fault of the ginger bloke in the mack.

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