Harry Kane scores again as Tottenham defeat Fulham

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. TottenhamMattSpur
    This is the story of the Harry Kane
    He scored more goals than the man from Spain....
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  2. davidmatzdorf
    I suggested exactly this song for him earlier this season (although not your second line). I suspect that it attracted no interest because not many here are old enough to remember the song... :-?
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  3. TottenhamMattSpur
    Neither am I, but I saw the movie about the hurricane lol.
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  4. Hobbes
    What's the song? I don't recognise the lyric.
  5. davidmatzdorf
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  6. greaves
  7. greaves
    The penny has just dropped for me, why Harry Kane always makes me think of Michael Caine, and it's simply because Michael Caine played Harry Palmer (The Ipcress File, I think)...
    Anyway, good on him. A bit too early for him to consider taking part in the Brazilian Job, but I hope he has a big future.
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  8. jenko
    After all this wait, 3 goals in 3 games? Ye got to hand it to the guy. We've waited a long time.

    Also, credit to Sherwood, fairs fair.
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  9. spurs-r-us
    No! Play Soldado he just needs one goal I am sick of Dimwit Tim playing shit players like Kane do you reckon we could sign Ba from Chelsea and play him but only if LVG is the boss next year COYS
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  10. spurs-r-us
    He's always reminded me of Jeremy van Holden from Green Street Hooligans.
  11. vuzp
    sorry mate,disagree, as much i would love for Soldado to do well, young Kane has done very well and gives our game a little extra at times
  12. TottenhamMattSpur
    Nogoaldo is embarrassing now.
    That free kick yesterday.

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  13. spurs-r-us
    Tongue was firmly in cheek, a big fan of young Harry!
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  14. beuller
    All 3 goals have come from getting on the end of crosses. Nice to see. Esp with eriksen's superb dead balls and delivery from out wide.
  15. bigspurs
    We need a sarcasm icon or something on here, cause a lot gets missed on here. Try using the old ;) next time!
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  16. bigspurs
    It's been encouraging to see Kane coming along, but so far this season Eriksen is the true shining light in this side. Obviously Lloris has been wonderful too, but I think we've got another great player on out hands with Eriksen. Shame Levy will eventually sell him on when he hits his peak. But then that's the sort if club we have become!
  17. vuzp
    sorry my bad,the art of sarcasm really does not come across on the internet :)
  18. R_1001001
    Call yourself a fan of our club?
    I prefer encouragement .... You're as bad as Timmeh 'Mr Motivator' Sherwood
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  19. mawspurs
    Yes and Lennon getting a good cross in for Harry's goal. He needs to do that more often.

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