Harry Kane threatens to transcend Tottenham as Ronaldo showdown looms

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by garryparkerschest, Oct 16, 2017.

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    The Tottenham striker is driven to better himself, to link his seasons and to use the previous one as the basis to improve the next

    Read the full article at The Guardian

    Not actually a threat as I think for Harry Kane to transcend Tottenham would be a privilege to witness.

    A local boy who takes Tottenham to the higher echelons of the game is every fan's dream.
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by garryparkerschest, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Dougal
    For Kane to reach this level at any other team is a dream for him but it's not half as special as doing it in a Spurs shirt. That's the dream.
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  2. jenko
    Well Bale already did that in his final season with us. He was magical that season and you couldn't turn on SSN for 10 minutes without hearing his name.

    Its my dream for Kane to do that for a few seasons. We'll certainly win trophies of he does.
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  3. N17Jack
    Kane seems settled, he is a family man who from his social media posts lives a simple life. His Brother is at every game watching him so its a family thing too. If the new stadium allows us to pay players the going rate, I could honestly see him being a 1 team man. I dont think we necessarily need to win things, just compete at the top and play in the Champions League.
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