Lamela set for Tottenham return

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 21, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. teok
    Welcome back. An often mis used phrase, but he really will be like a new signing. (y)
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  2. browndchl
    I concur. Will add a bit more bite, work rate and unpredictability to the team. Unleash him on the Spammers midweek.
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  3. tommyt
    I am super excited about the prospect of a fully functional Lamela.
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  4. Bilko
    So happy about this
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  5. cider spurs
    Welcome back. Another great option to have. I think our fans will give him a deserved rapturous applause when he takes to the pitch once more.

    As @ browndchl suggested above, be great to give him the reception he deserves by way of a last 20 minutes cameo against spam.
  6. Japhet
    I hope he gets to play a bit at 10. It will use him where he is most dangerous and will enable us to keep Eriksen fresh and motivated. Will be like a new signing.
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    If he's fit enough, I would play him against West Ham:
    Foyth Toby Davies
    Trippier Dier Winks KWP
    Lamela Llorente Son
    I suspect we'll see this team (similar to Real match) against Pool:
    Toby Sanchez Verts
    Aurier Sissoko Alli Rose
    Eriksen Kane​
  8. TottenhamMattSpur
    I'd put Lamela behind even Sissoko now. He works just as hard. Offers just as much going backwards or forwards. And will be fit all season.
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  9. tommyt

    I'm not going to knock Sissoko, but Lamela can be utterly sublime at times and works his balls off in between.
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  10. Spurger King
    I think of Lamela as Pochettino's avatar on the pitch. The embodiment of fighting spirit and creativity.

    Not expecting too much too soon, but great to have him back.
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  11. thelak
    Lamela plays higher up the pitch and has a touch and creativity Sissoko on his best days can’t even get near.
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  12. Japhet

    Not knocking Sissoko but if he tried a rabona he'd break both his own legs.
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  13. Gilzeanking
    But Lamela never runs full speed with the ball .
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  14. Everlasting Seconds
    Don't hold much hope, really. Even if he does actually play a few matches this season, I fear it will be his last Spurs season. :unsure:
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  15. slartibartfast
    Got to get on pitch against Wham surely.
    And will get booked as well I reckon.
  16. yankspurs
    If he's up to it, i'd even think about having him on the bench tomorrow. His attitude, work rate his constant desire to play it up the pitch and his creativity could be useful against Liverpool. Especially at a place like Wembley where we have a habit of getting frustrated and going missing.
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  17. Gassin's finest
    A fully match fit and on form Lamela will give this team exactly the edge we've been missing in those tight games. Class act.
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  18. DiamondLites
    He will need to earn his playing time, but the positions behind the striker in the 3-4-2-1 are tailor made for him
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  19. TottenhamMattSpur
    I think the longer Lamela has been out the more people have invented things he does.

    He's rarely ever replicated the style or skill he showed at Roma for us. He's nowhere near displacing Eriksen or Dele behide/alongside Kane. He's not even 1st choice to fill in, being behind Son.
    If he starts game's regularly he's going to have to be playing like De Bruyne on steroids.
    I’m sure what we'll see is lots of elbows and digs, lots of running. Some goals occasionally and some assists occasionally.
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