Man Utd 0-3 Spurs : OS Match Report

Jun 9, 2003
Very good result, but we definitely need to bring the intensity & sharpness from minute 1 in future games because the likes of Man CIty & Liverpool will have you 2 or 3 down. The amount of times our players were caught in possession because they didn't scan was shocking. Our passing game needs to be a lot crisper, as well as our movement.

That being said we dug in & got a great away result at such a tough ground. Toby Alderweireld was immense & we need to tie him down to a new deal because we look so much more assured with him & Vertonghen. They rarely give you the impression, even under pressure that they are going to capitulate. Dembele improved as the match went on & certainly had more of an influence.

Promising signs, but it needs to sharpen up. The manager was right when he said we need to continue to improve & hopefully its just down to getting regular matches that will bring that sharpness.
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