Move to Stratford or stay at WHL

Discussion in 'The New Stadium' started by dannythomas, Jan 22, 2011.

Would you prefer to stay at WHL or move to Stratford ?

  1. Stay at WHL and live with our 36,000 seater

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  2. Move to Stratford as it makes economic sense

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  1. bigturnip

    bigturnip Tottenham till I die, Stratford over my dead body

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    So you would rather we changed back to our original name?
  2. spursphil

    spursphil Tottenham To The Bone

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    Because you can take the club out of Tottenham, but you can't take Tottenham out of the club.

    I'm born and bred in North London but i now live in Bexleyheath(blame her indoors) Like thousands of Londoners over the years i moved out to the suburbs.

    But i will always be from North London, to my dying day. An Englishman moving to Australia, 40 years down the line will still be an Englishman.

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