Move to Stratford or stay at WHL

Would you prefer to stay at WHL or move to Stratford ?

  • Stay at WHL and live with our 36,000 seater

    Votes: 11 34.4%
  • Move to Stratford as it makes economic sense

    Votes: 21 65.6%

  • Total voters


Tottenham till I die, Stratford over my dead body
Oct 8, 2004
I don't agree that Levy is saying the NDP isn't viable, he's just saying it's not going to be easy. Of course moving to stratford has it's drawbacks too, mainly that we wouldn't be able to start work until 2012 whereas we might start work on NDP this summer. Moving to Stratford would mean another year in limbo

Our name is our identity, where we play is just where we happen to play. Just as my name is my identity whereas my house is just where I happen to live. It's not easy moving house of course but I don't change when I move house, I don't feel like the new occupiers have taken part of my identity.
So you would rather we changed back to our original name?


Tottenham To The Bone
Aug 8, 2008
I'm curious why a lot of people seem to be more reluctant to give up our name than our home. To me our home is far more important than our name, but perhaps you could enlighten me?
Because you can take the club out of Tottenham, but you can't take Tottenham out of the club.

I'm born and bred in North London but i now live in Bexleyheath(blame her indoors) Like thousands of Londoners over the years i moved out to the suburbs.

But i will always be from North London, to my dying day. An Englishman moving to Australia, 40 years down the line will still be an Englishman.