Part 2. JimmyG2's Spurs Community Guide to Posting

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    Part 2: JimmyG2's Spurs Community Guide to Posting

    You've had over a week to recover from the last bombshell post on tricky technical stuff and with only one game a week you should be ready for more. It will help wipe out memories of the Southampton performance too.


    English spelling is ludicrous and anyone that strikes out on their own (Brexit Style) is fine in my book. It's only a matter of Old World courtesy anyway so that people can understand what you are saying. I wasn't a Creative Writing Guru in my younger days for nothing.

    Remember: It rarely makes any difference and poses a stimulating challenge to your readers young and old alike

    Example: This weight is causing me severe problems/ This wait is causing me severe problems.

    What's the difference and who cares anyway? Press on brave Pioneers.

    Upper and Lower Case.

    davidmatzdorf has proved that nobody even at the highest levels is concerned.

    In Spanish the days of the week are lower case (lunes, martes etc.)

    In English they are upper case.(Monday, Tuesday) So let your inner Spaniard loose/ lose? if you want.

    I can't think of a single situation where it matters other than to the more prissy Posting Guide Writers

    My tabloid rule of thumb is when in doubt CAPITALISE.

    You will get the odd situation where it matters but not often enough to cause concern.

    'levy windfall spurs purchase of continental ace'. See what I mean. What's that all about?

    Non Grammatical Interludes:

    As Julie Andrews so memorably sang, ''A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down''

    These are to encourage our less Grammatically inclined brothers to keep going. Not as some might think because I don't know enough Grammar to fill a column or two.

    I have probably forgotten more than some of you will ever know. (Which is not necessarily a Good Thing. Note Capitals)

    Transfer Windows.

    Should be shut. The summer one non sensibly overlaps the start of the season and the winter one is too expensive and too short.

    It's a restriction on trade and must fall foul of some EU ruling. If not why on earth are we leaving. Let the 'all year round free for all' begin.

    Especially exciting for fans who will have to guess even more wildly about the week-end line up.

    Transfer speculation every day of the week. Mmmm.

    Current Odds.

    No incoming or outgoings (Excluding Loans). …..Evens.

    One out: one in.......................................................3-1

    Superstar Ace from Europe.....................................200-1

    New Manager...........................................................Don't be silly

    NWHL on hold as we love Wembley so much...........See above.

    Note 'Ace' always denotes a striker.


    Keep Harry Kanes, good for the long term;

    buy Sons, Deles and Eriksens on a rising market;

    sell Moussa Dembeles, his performance against Everton puts his player value at a four year high; wait on Tobys, Roses and Wanyamas until fitness is clearer or for the speculators buy these three; sell all crypto currencies: that bubble has burst.

    Note all these are plurals not possessives. Keep up.

    You needed to be quick on the Dembeles, his stock has dropped after Southampton. Perhaps best to wait now.

    More Medicine: Plurals and agreement of verbs.

    Sounds technical but it's not. If it sounds wrong, it probably is wrong.

    The players is on a jolly to Barcelona: Lamela are returning from injury.

    See what I mean.

    If it sounds OK to you then sign up for my inexpensive Guide 'English made Simple for those whose first language is not English or for those with a poor attendance record at school who missed/mist that lesson'.

    More next time. There will be an Exam. We are not some amateur fly-by-night organisation.

    This weeks encouraging motto:

    Ignorance and stupidity has not prevented Donald Trump becoming the US President and Leader of the Free World. There is hope there for us all.

    Acknowledgements and dedication.
    To the unfailing support of my wife, davidmatzdorf and my old English teacher. (Does that sound right to you? Well It's only punctuation..
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by JimmyG2, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. Sweetsman
    It should be @davidmatzdorf or David Matzdorf; you need to redo the last sentence, at the very least. Note: I went to a comprehensive, where English grammar wasn't taught, and so semi-colons have been a challenge. On the other hand, I could just blame Sissoko.
  2. JimmyG2
    Sissoko's first language is not English and therefor he gets a pass
    Over to the haters for the punchline
  3. Sweetsman
    I see what you did there;)
    Is the use of emojis weird given that the use of pictures to express speech went out with the Ancient Egyptians.
    Btw, you lose a mark for poor spelling (I'm thinking of a scene from The Life of Brian).
  4. Mr.D
    Barking. Really.
  5. jondesouza
    Loving Jimmy's posts
    The only ones he's written
    That are not haikus

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