Perez Has Spoken


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Jun 1, 2011
This is from the BBC just over four years ago about the Bale move:

Madrid at that time paid Bale 300 grand a week! He has since signed another contract and at the time of signing exceeded the cost of Ronaldo.

Both Ronaldo and Benzema are close to the end of their careers (at least at Madrid) and this will free up a gazillion pounds in salary. I don't think i can recall any player in living memory who has turned Madrid down, and i think even if we won the PL it wouldn't stop any Spurs player from signing for that club. Whatever the cost Madrid have the finance, and is Kane ever does go i hope it is to them and not a PL club.

I don't doubt that somehow the Club could afford to pay Harry whatever he want's but the issue is not with what Levy is prepared to pay him, but the knock on effect with every other player at the club or any potential new signing.

I would hate to see Harry go (or any current starter) but in truth i would worry more about the possibility of losing Poch because of a Kane transfer than losing Kane.
Mbappe turned down RM...

Unless you’re 2 months old I’d say that qualifies as living memory!

Mr Pink

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Aug 25, 2010
I really don't think Kane will push to leave anytime soon.

In a few years time, entering his peak, we wernt winning things I could see it.

The fee would be absolutely astronomical in anycase, but with how well we're doing coupled with the new stadium I just don't see it anytime soon.

It would be criminal to sell on the eve of moving into the new stadium.

There will be tonnes of speculation but I just don't see Harry wanting to leave now. We must up.his wages though, it's only right.