Pochettino to land Moura but rues market ‘realities’

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 30, 2018.

  • by mawspurs, Jan 30, 2018 at 11:09 PM
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    Mauricio Pochettino has stressed the need for Tottenham Hotspur to make opportunistic strikes on the transfer market, as he prepared to welcome the Brazilian winger Lucas Moura.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. yusrisafri
    Signs of frustration creeping in perhaps?
  2. nferno
    Interesting RE Son not wanting to sign for us initially, unless I read that wrong?
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    @nferno don't read it that way....think he is stating a reality.
    The other point is that if you want to go to a club where spending vast amounts is ok (now in 2018) it is a very short list Manc x 2, Spain's big 2, PSG and Bayern.

    Klopp for instance is at a negative net spend of 30 million.

    Don't see Poch wanting to move to get the instant ATM....look at the lack of stability at those clubs. EG: Zidane, one year after CL is teetering for goodness sake....absolute legend at that club as player and coach but is on a tightrope now.
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  4. davidmatzdorf
    Frustration with the press, not with our transfer strategy, which he largely dictates.

    Pochettino has a variety of tactics to tell the press to fuck off and/or to evade questions he doesn't want to answer, but he always does it with apparent politeness, sometimes even with charm. The jovial facade has been hardening noticeably in recent months.

    I think he was in a bad mood for this press conference. But he's fucked off with fielding non-stop malevolent bullshit from journalists, not with his employers. He never gets through a single press conference without some wanker asking him which of his key players is going to leave first. His patience has been Job-like and I'm not surprised if it is wearing thin.
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  5. Thamespest
    I think he came across as rather flat. I don’t believe he does dictate the transfer strategy. I think he is a great coach and has obviously done a lot for Spurs. If RM comes calling we will have trouble holding on to him.
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  6. bigspurs
    I agree that Poch doesn’t appear to have control over the actual business side of transfers, otherwise we wouldn’t be waiting till deadline day to sign players. That’s Levy’s domain. He loves it tight and sweaty! ;)

    If Poch is into building a team up with his ‘philosophy’ over time, isn’t he at the right club to do that? Unless he and his wife actually want to live in Spain, why would he want to give all this up now, just to manage Madrid for a season or two? He’d then have to go somewhere else afterwards to start his project from scratch. I reckon as long as Levy doesn’t frustrate him too much, he’ll stay to try and win things with us. There’s so much to look forward to with the new stadium and the potential of more transfer spending over the next couple of years, Poch will hopefully be thinking that opportunities to build something great and leave behind s legacy, don’t come along much better than this!
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  7. Finchyid
    Was there earlier ITK that stated there was budget for a special transfer?

    I read what he says as city and utd can just spend £50 we have to be more careful
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  8. Matty miller
    Hopefully things will be easier with more money we have plus. Transfer windows gonna close before the season starts next season hopefully that helps as well.
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  9. JimmyG2
    More like 'Market unrealities'

    My FIFA 18 addicted grandchildren are impressed that Moura might be coming.
    Adjudged him quick and skillful and a bargain at 25 million though they did ask why he was so cheap.
    'Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings' (Mathew 21:16)
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  10. Japhet
    I think his frustration ultimately stems from the abject failure of FFP. When you aspire to build a team that can actually win something, it must be very hard to see your main rivals throwing more and more money around with no consequences. It will be a miracle if we win anything the way things stand IMO.
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  11. hutchiniho
    What do the FFP rules actually state? Man City will have to cove North of 450million for the last 18months. Creative accountancy!? Aside. This must hit home at some point?
    4 of the 6 most expensive defenders in the world. Player out for 6weeks, sign another £60m player! It really is a different league all together for them.
    I fully admire Spurs’ approach, this seemingly inconsequential spending for City is ridiculous.
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  12. UbeAstard
    I'm frustrated with our fans who go on Talk Sport and start whinging about our transfer policy which is to me is sensible considering all things. We cannot compete financially with those throwing silly money around.
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  13. Locotoro
    I do think @davidmatzdorf is correct in asserting Poch is becoming annoyed in dealing with the press. And not only Poch, didn't the press officer threaten to stop the press conference if any more speculative questions were asked of Poch's future
  14. Japhet
    And it should be a different League. They should be kicked out of competitions in the same way that athletes who use drugs are banned and have a cheque writing contest amongst themselves. The FFP initiative has done nothing to curtail the obscene spending it was meant to tackle. It's not really surprising though when you consider the greed and corruption which has become endemic within the game and it's administration..
  15. tiger666
    FFP was meant to stop clubs getting in to financial difficulty.
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  16. Japhet
    Fair enough, but the rules have been ignored or sidestepped by the super rich clubs without any meaningful punishment.
  17. Lilbaz
    They are brining in ffp 2.0 in the summer to try and deal with that.

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