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Discussion in 'General Football' started by kursaal, Jul 30, 2017.

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    Good weekend for the Old Firm, albeit against Championship sides. Celtic won 5-0 at Sunderland. Rangers won 2-0 at Sheffield Wednesday. Rangers were follow followed by.over 10k fans. Here's hoping Rangers can challenge Celtic better this season.
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    Hope not. Celtic all day long for me. Don't mind Aberdeen or any of the others, but Rangers going bust and being allowed to remain in the league, even the bottom tier, smacks of outright favouritism. So sad that in Scotland, as in England, Spain and nearly everywhere else, financial clout and the old boy network unfairly advantages some who really don't deserve it. As Bobby Dylan once said, "Money doesn't talk, it swears."
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    I'm surprised by that sentiment tbh.

    Without the Rangers/Celtic dichotomy, Scottish football would be far less of a draw than the awfulness on offer now.

    Rangers have zero chance of competing for the league, imo, this year - the Hoops are way beyond them.

    That said, Celtic are lame ducks. It's worthless being Champs of a league that only one team can win.
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    You can't have Celtic without Rangers. Two sides of the same coin. The Scottish Professional game would be done with if Rangers were no more.
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    Scottish football is fucked.

    Rangers and Celtic are clinging on for social and cultural reasons but the whole league needs a radical shake up, and that might not be enough to save it.

    When you think of the great Scottish players of the past, just for example Gilzean, Dalgleish, Law, the Lisbon Lions and the best British player of all time Dave Mackay (no arguing allowed) you can see how far the game has sunk. Even mediocrity is out of reach.

    Who was the last Scottish player who, at their peak, you'd want in the Spurs team today? I'm struggling to think of anyone in the last 20 years.
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    I agree with the general tenor of the post and the lamentable state of Scottish football.

    As for Scottish players who could fit into our current team, we only had one season of Richard Gough playing alongside Gary Mabbutt. But he was a classy ball playing CB who would have been a good fit in a 3 CB formation.

    But...... I just quickly checked dates, and realised that Gough doesn't fit your "last 20 years" timescale.

    How time flies waching the famous Spurs. :cool:
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