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Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by mpickard2087, Oct 25, 2017.

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    Maybe in jest but it actually was a mishit shot, had he struck it well it wouldn't have bobbled over the keeper's foot.
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    Llorente not big on pressing . Can't believe Poch was amused by effort levels . Taking him off when we needed a goal IMO was a reprimand of the the most obvious kind .
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    Not the first time it's happened. Remember the cup semi final last season when we left Hazard free?

    It's a surprising weak point in Poch's tactics. For all the work he puts into improving players and showing tactical flexibility, we have never been brilliant at defending set pieces.
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    That was terrible defending by Foyth for the second goal
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  6. Japhet

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    Certainly caught napping but I thought he did well apart from that.
  7. bigpalacios

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    Forget this game now, it was a run around in the park that went wrong.

    Bigger fish to fry and Utd are going to get a lesson on Saturday when we let the sharks out of the tank.
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  8. Tottenham_God

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    Bring Palacios off the bench
  9. Mr Pink

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    Absolutely bang on mate.

    It's tiring reading the same criticism regarding Sissoko over and over again, no matter how he's playing.

    I think he's started the season pretty well overall. Certainly a big improvement on last season which he was written off by many way to prematurely.

    Now with a full pre season we're seeing a very effective squad player contributing in the roles Poch is asking of him.
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  10. jeremystorey

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    Interesting a few posts highlighting Alli's ineptitude on the break a few times. Granted, he had a few 'meh' moments. But in the first half alone, Son had three or four opportunities to capitalize on a great break, but screwed it up royally each time. Which was a shame, because much of his performance in the first half was very good. But a few times when we needed him to play with a modicum of intelligence he Trumped the shit out of the opportunity.
  11. OiOiDrUnkYiD2

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    Ouch that was hard to take.

    I hate west ham the most out of any club and to give it away like that was painful.

    I really wanted us to do well In this cup and I really thought we was going to win it or at least get to the final. Probally our best chance of silverware.

    Team selection was ok not sure why he risked some of our players if supposedly he is not going to take domestic cups seriously.

    First half was good and was pretty easy as West ham were so poor. They stood of us, didn't press us and we seemed to have so much time and space. We played some ok football and I thought some nice one two stuff and some nice link up play with llorente holding it up quite well and laying it off. We seemed quite happy to let West ham have the ball at times and sit off without them doing anything with it I thought this was just our shape and how we have been playing a bit lately , Madrid and liverpool game etc and luckily they were so bad they were no threat but you could tell we was not quite right and you always felt we could up it if we wanted. I thought sissoko had probally his best game for us, that first goal was superb. If anyone else had scored it everyone would be saying how good of a finish it was. Great bit of play by llorente son and sissoko.

    2nd half was just a disaster and you could just feel it was going to happen as soon as they got that lucky first goal, don't think you can blame vorm too much but I still feel maybe he could of done a little bit better but it all happened so fast ild have to see it again.

    You just knew from then on they were going to score again and we was screaming out for a sub llorente who made a few nice touches in the first half was fucking awful as was son who was just as bad if not worse, both kept giving it away. It seemed to me like son was playing more deeper so I would of took lorrente off and put son further up.

    Also I didn't see the point of bringing dembele on then and why bring nkodou on so late. Really bad subs.

    Too casual and couldnt handle it when West ham put the pressure on. We gifted them it yet again.....

    Vorm ok he has grown on me last season or so but didn't feel that comfortable with him yesterday

    Davies didn't notice him too much think he played on their man who got the first goal

    Toby not his best few times nearly messed up a couple of times with his clearances

    Foyth good first half I said I liked the look of hi. Looked calm on the ball looked as if he had been playing with our team all season . I think he is a good footballer.

    Trippier not a good game all game he kept making silly balls and crosses not his usual self and gave it away cheaply a few times he did try hard but didn't seem right all game I thought

    Rose didn't notice him much again ok first half

    Sissoko good game feel bit sorry for him thought he was our best player great finish and run some nice balls and he was trying near the end had a couple of ok shots one was silly but he did try and he did win it back. Never gonna be the best footballer but fair play to him he's really trying good game for him

    Ali first half ok but pretty poor 2nd and got bit lucky for the goal

    Son very good for the goal and think he set up Ali for his goal but apart from that was awful just kept giving it away and running intro trouble

    Dier very poor dunno why he was on??

    Llorente very good for the goal and few nice touches lay offs etc first half but again like son shocking 2nd just kept giving it away looks ok footballer never gonna be amazing can do a good job. I like him but he did annoy the fuck outta me but so did alot of our players 2nd half
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