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Discussion in 'Loanwatch' started by jondesouza, Jan 31, 2013.

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    Maybe because he had a career ending injury years ago it seems and that isnt important tbh, it doesn't matter if he never makes a Debut as long he is good enough to play in the top leagues and make us some money to cover the academy costs
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    From LooksLikeModric over in the ITK thread:

    "Funny story about Dawkins loan to Villa. Villa originally contacted San Jose as nobody realised Dawkins was contracted to us. They then contacted us and asked us for him on a real cheap loan (at this stage Dawkins was due to move back to San Jose permanantly they even had interviews and press conferences complete! You can find these online im sure.) We worked everything out in about 45 minutes as it was against the clock and we were getting a 100k loan fee. After signing him one of their officials said they were ecstatic to get a young right winger to cover injured marc albrighton.

    Turns out Aston Villa signed Dawkins off of an internet scouting report! They had no idea he was 25, no idea he was actually a central midfielder and no idea he is left footed! This is why he got so little game time as they did not need a player in that position."
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    I believe roughly none of that.
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    I would be surprised if their scouts are that bad that they cannot spot those basic things.

    Anyone know of any salt mines for sale - I might need a lot to throw over my shoulder !

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