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    Spurs Community Guide to Posting: 1st. Issue

    The Guardian's Guide ( 3rd.Edition 2010) runs to several hundred pages. We are not going to try to emulate that given the attention span of the average football fan so I will keep it pithy and short.

    Grammar: Most contentious points.

    1. They're: their: there: these are virtually indistinguishable; feel free to use them at will. Only two people on SC know their correct use, one of whom is davidmatzdorf and it is more important to get his name right than use this triplet correctly.

    2. Full stops. Very useful to indicate where your post ends. But a few dotted about at random can be handy, similarly commas. Semi colons and colons are so 19th. Century: do not use.

    3. 'S' at the end of a word. Stick an apostrophe in front of it to denote possession. Sometimes it denotes a plural but it doesn't matter as you will be more often correct than incorrect. Its/ it's is one for the schoolteachers and best ignored.

    4. Paragraphs: If you write at length put one every 2 or 3 inches according to what pleases the eye. We all vary on this so don't worry. Best avoided by keeping it short. Remember what I said about attention span.


    We are all Spurs fans and wish the team and its players well though this is almost impossible to see in some posts. Always assume the best. The best advice I brought away from COYS in my very brief sojourn there was 'play the man not the ball. I might have got that the wrong way round. I'm old: I forget. But good advice anyway on and off the field.

    Player assessments. Current Guide.

    Players fall in and out of fashion. Currently Dele and Sissoko are on their way back from the outer darkness.

    The current official scapegoat is Llorente. Dier is also fair game when he plays in midfield.

    Harry Kane is the only absolute 'untouchable' but Son is on the rise.

    Eriksen is a pussy but a genious. Dembele was an all time great but sadly no longer.

    Lamela is our current 'Marmite ' player; whatever you say about him will be challenged.

    Mauricio Pochettino is a flawed genius. Daniel Levy is our current CEO

    This may well all be out of date by the time it is posted.


    Generally are a good thing I said 'generally' but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

    I am currently banned from all Transfer and ITK forums so I can't really help you on current rumours.

    You can get away with a lot by laying in to posters and ending 'Thanks for posting' but I think A&C is on to that one.

    Many thanks to old and especially new Members who have begged me to lay out some guidance.

    Well 'begged' is bit strong perhaps, let's say 'showed studied indifference to' .

    More later if required.

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Discussion in 'Columns' started by JimmyG2, Jan 12, 2018.

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