Spurs in Cyprus

Gassin's finest

Donne moi la balle, et je fais le reste...
May 12, 2010
Got a good mate in Cyprus, have to let him know to get down to the game and cheer us on (he's an APOEL fan)
Jun 12, 2004
Went to the White Hart in Paphos. Bloody Spurs pub?

The manager there was showing the ManU game. Was only going to show the spurs game without commentary on some Ukrainian channel. Though he did show the game on Bein Sports with English commentary (only prob because the game was postponed and later cancelled). Sort of wished I hadn't seen that game now. Scarred my eyes that performance. :(

Anyhow, it's a nice place. pool table Big screen outside, though a bit bright in the sunlight to watch the game. So sat inside on comfy sofa. Lots of shirts on the ceiling. Not only Spurs. Quick snap from me.