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    What have we been missing over recent weeks, is it the Hudd having a stutter in his form or is it Malbranque settling in, the Lennon factor?

    Well in my opinion the big player we have missed is JJ, he was in for a lot of stick from most of the Spurs fans due to the fact that when he came here he could not pass the ball five yards, well not to anyone in a Tottenham shirt. He has now settled in to become, begrudgingly in some fans opinions, a first team regular.

    The one thing I have noticed over the Christmas period and more recently against <st1:city><st1:place>Cardiff</st1:place></st1:city> and <st1:city><st1:place>Portsmouth</st1:place></st1:city> is the lack of pace in midfield, Murphy and Huddlestone especially slow and cumbersome. With only Malbranque willing to get in the box and drive forward this made the build up incredibly slow.

    Without Lennon we lack penetration, however without Jenas we lack pace and late runs into the box as well as a dogged fighting spirit, which I don’t see in Huddlestone or Zokora, and even Tainio has been very disappointing of late.
    You will notice that when Jenas does come back Huddlestone will find himself with more time and a helping hand in the defensive duties and hopefully they can form a partnership which is not a diamond but an actual partnership where either one can make the runs.
    Jenas is a better player than a lot give him credit for, if anyone watched the last game Jenas played in, which was second half against Arsenal, he made an impression and was the best out of a poor bunch and when Jenas comes back it will not be a surprise to see Spurs form return.
    Murphy, another of one of our central midfielders ‘who can play on the left’ was more frustrating than anyone else in the team in recent games due to his severe lack of intelligence. His defensive covering of Lee was nothing short of average and his forward play was just plain idiotic.

    When Lee, who by the way has come back quite impressively, makes his driving runs down the line it is the left midfielder’s job to either drop back and support Lee as an option backwards or make a driving run down the line, or at least make him available to a pass. He however decided to hug the closest opposition team member to make him unavailable for a pass, so there is absolutely no point in playing Murphy on the left wing.

    Lennon’s return will clearly be a massive blessing, but in my opinion Jenas will be just as effective in Tottenham’s fight for Uefa/Champions League spots. Lets hope Spurs can keep the likes of Huddlestone, Jenas, Lennon and Malbranque fit and hopefully add a left winger to our squad and then I would say why not Champions league football.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Frozen_Waffles, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. meesterlee
    Joey Barton?

    We have a youth and reserve set up of some promise.....Surely he would hamper the vision of our prospective midfielders?!:wink:
  2. mawspurs
    Jenas has definitely been missed. His form was really starting to improve, and his pace was vital when Lennon was out injured. I felt his consistency was improving as well and then he got crocked which was damn poor timing.

    Lets not be impatient with him when he does come back because he will be pretty rusty after the length of time he has been out. He will obviously take time to get back up to speed again.
  3. elDiablo
    you say that jenas didnt help out king in defence,but i remember numerous occasions last season when he was back there helping out carrick and the defence!!
  4. yiddotilidie
    Since JJ has been missing, count how many clean sheets we have kept.
    His workrate from box to box is a massive factor in us defending as a team. When Carrick left us (still cant believe some fans were happy about that) lots of people thought the Hudd would slot in and be a straight replacement - well its quite clear that he isnt the same player. He has great vision, fantastic shot and links quite well, but he isnt as mobile as Carrick is and that leaves our defence exposed. You take JJ out as well and that leaves our defence naked!!!

    JJ is so underrated by spurs fans i amazes me.
    Oh, and Zokora needs a season before we see the bes from him. Two of the prems most in form players are Essien and Drogba, both pretty ineffective last season, but african like Zokora, so maybe they take a bit longer to settle. he has everything in his locker to become a quality prem player.
  5. DeeJay_Yid
    Is it Fair to say last season we had Carrick and Jenas running the engine room, albeit Jenas was on the right 50% of the time, and we did well.

    Invariably comparisons to last season has to happen, and our form may have suffered as of late cause these 2 players have been missing, like it or not.

    I'll be the first to say selling Carrick for 18m cause he WANTED to leave according to Jol was shrewd business. Jenas is the other link compared to last season. We bashed him quite a bit last season,i think we miss him this season. I liken him to Pedro Mendes, always there when u need a player to pass to. His next pass may be woeful to some, but he is always available for a pass. Also he got himself into some good scoring positions last yr. Finishing though, needed one on one counselling from Defoe!

    Jury's out on him. But when comparing the missing links from last season and this season, invariably he is one of them.

    Now i just wish he and Lennon will stop clubbing so much when they are injured as exemplified by the society pics we had posted in SC and get their head in the game.

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