The Jenas Effect.....

Jan 10, 2007
Joey Barton?

We have a youth and reserve set up of some promise.....Surely he would hamper the vision of our prospective midfielders?!:wink:


Jun 29, 2003
Jenas has definitely been missed. His form was really starting to improve, and his pace was vital when Lennon was out injured. I felt his consistency was improving as well and then he got crocked which was damn poor timing.

Lets not be impatient with him when he does come back because he will be pretty rusty after the length of time he has been out. He will obviously take time to get back up to speed again.


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Feb 2, 2005
Is Jenas missed? Yes - and it's interesting to see how much more appreciated he seems to be on here since he's been out. The grass is always greener.

Has he been the most important absentee? No. King and Lennon are more central to our cause because their contributions cannot be replicated at all.

Our defence has looked shambolic at times without King, and Jenas wouldn't have made much of a difference to that. He's just as prone to Headless Chicken Syndrome as the next man.

Our attack has lacked threat at times without Lennon, because there's little pace and we're not direct enough. Would Jenas have made a difference? Maybe a bit, but he won't scare defences and he doesn't often help us get the ball into dangerous positions.

It's a shame that his absence has coincided with poor form from both Tainio and Zokora, both of whom are clearly capable of better than they're currently showing. Zokora needs time to settle in the Premiership, while Tainio seems to be off the pace defensively. We do lack a goal threat from midfield, and JJ is the best answer we've got (though he misses far too many).

It'll be good to have him back. But just as many here have been far too quick to write him off in the past, let's not get too carried away about his ability to save our season. He's not the saviour.

That's Lennon.
you say that jenas didnt help out king in defence,but i remember numerous occasions last season when he was back there helping out carrick and the defence!!


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Mar 23, 2005
Since JJ has been missing, count how many clean sheets we have kept.
His workrate from box to box is a massive factor in us defending as a team. When Carrick left us (still cant believe some fans were happy about that) lots of people thought the Hudd would slot in and be a straight replacement - well its quite clear that he isnt the same player. He has great vision, fantastic shot and links quite well, but he isnt as mobile as Carrick is and that leaves our defence exposed. You take JJ out as well and that leaves our defence naked!!!

JJ is so underrated by spurs fans i amazes me.
Oh, and Zokora needs a season before we see the bes from him. Two of the prems most in form players are Essien and Drogba, both pretty ineffective last season, but african like Zokora, so maybe they take a bit longer to settle. he has everything in his locker to become a quality prem player.
Dec 10, 2006
Is it Fair to say last season we had Carrick and Jenas running the engine room, albeit Jenas was on the right 50% of the time, and we did well.

Invariably comparisons to last season has to happen, and our form may have suffered as of late cause these 2 players have been missing, like it or not.

I'll be the first to say selling Carrick for 18m cause he WANTED to leave according to Jol was shrewd business. Jenas is the other link compared to last season. We bashed him quite a bit last season,i think we miss him this season. I liken him to Pedro Mendes, always there when u need a player to pass to. His next pass may be woeful to some, but he is always available for a pass. Also he got himself into some good scoring positions last yr. Finishing though, needed one on one counselling from Defoe!

Jury's out on him. But when comparing the missing links from last season and this season, invariably he is one of them.

Now i just wish he and Lennon will stop clubbing so much when they are injured as exemplified by the society pics we had posted in SC and get their head in the game.