The UEFA Nations League

Discussion in 'General Football' started by nailsy, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Lilbaz

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    Where are we in the coefficients?
  2. Dougal

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  3. Fowl!

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    Definitely adds a bit of interest to the autumn friendlies.

    But more travel, injuries and physical and mental fatigue for the elite players cannot be healthy.
  4. RickyVilla

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    Revenge will be sweet for your lads.
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  5. Speedy

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    Was just discussing this new format, which turns meaningless (missable) games into a hot contest. The real effect of this tournament will surely be the end of the Carabao League Cup for the premier league teams, because those players will choose England (or any national games) and choose to skip the League Cup to combat fatigue and injury primarily.

    If a title challenging player has to currently play 60+ games and skips England duty (see Ryan Giggs awful Wales career) they will look to rest games which they deem the lowest value, exposure, match fees, etc and playing contracts will reflect this very quickly. Suddenly National games will have considerable value and prestige.
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  6. mpickard2087

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    I can see what they're trying to do, but not convinced. I suspect the bigger nations especially might rotate heavily and rest players. There's also danger of it getting really samey, we (England) already seem to play the likes of France and Germany constantly already.
  7. Locotoro

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    At least they are looking to shake things up. What I like about it is that whilst this editions leagues are determined by coefficients for the next edition the teams will start where they finished last. Eventually good teams will move up
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  8. RichieS

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    Isn't this what the European Championships used to be?
  9. SpaggyBoy

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    We need less international football, not more. Compared to the Premiership, International football is, and always will be, absolute shite. The players will give you the same tired, pre-prepared soundbite about "how it is an honour to represent their country", but I flat out guarantee you that secretly they do not give a shit. Why would they?? Raheem Sterling earns £300k a week and receives plaudits and adulation from fans when he plays for City. When he plays for England, he gets fuck all except for abuse, derision and the chance to play with mediocre tosspots like Jordan Henderson and be coached by Gareth Southgate.

    It's not an honour to represent your country at International level. It's a millstone around your neck and the sooner International football is killed off for good the better.

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