Walker: It was tough to leave Spurs

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 1, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. N17Jack
    I imagine the move suited all parties, a good servant to the club but we move on.
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  2. Hoddle&Waddle
    Kyle Wanker
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  3. 2bearis2do
    Could have become a legend instead of a bell-end.
    In all seriousness - it was a great deal for all concerned.
    Do we miss him? I don't think so. And that is the key barometer.
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  4. Geyzer Soze
    Who’s this guy? :cool:
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  5. TheChosenOne
    This is a rejig of the article in yesterda's Times sport supplement.

    Much ado about nothing.
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  6. davidmatzdorf
    He played very well yesterday. No so many blind alleys in his attacking play and very solid/canny defensively.
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  7. lis spur
    Spurs were in his heart, but City were in his wallet.
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  8. kaz Hirai
    I don't know, I get the impression he wouldn't have left if he wasn't rotated with trip missing out on key games.
    That seems to be at theheart of the breakdown between him and Poch
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  9. jenko
    I believe it was money and an element of wanting to be up north again but not that he fell out with Poch. He played right up until the end, not as often but he played. If Poch falls out with someone they don't play, ever.
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  10. TheChosenOne
    Tonibell's fault ...
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  11. rupsmith
    I'm not sure we should be critical of someone who has made a reasonable choice. Prime time for his career, will be playing for title challengers at three times his pay. Who would not take that professional leap. Posted this when he left:

    Well not sure about why he left and hopefully we have someone good lined up but I just wanted to say good luck to Walks. Did his best for us, contributed to our success and is now moving on to a better financial deal (like all of us would) with perhaps professional improvement as well - Pep is no mug.
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  12. Rout-Ledge
    We are not loyal to players we can replace with someone better, so why should players be loyal to us when they have a better offer on the table? He is going to make much more money and have a better chance of winning the league. He went about his move in a very dignified way. I completely accept his move and hold him no ill will at all.
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  13. TheChosenOne
    There are 50 million reasons why the move was good for us.
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  14. jonnyrotten
    No hard feelings here, both parties did well out of the deal, which to me makes it feel like it was the right decision.
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  15. ostrov
    The whole interview in The Sunday Times is very good. It shows Walker in good light as a normal humble guy from a poor family who made it in life.
  16. Sweetsman
    I'd love it if we won the league and Champions League, just because he said he wanted to win stuff. He's from Sheffield, which is in Yorkshire, and he's moved to Manchester, which is in Lancashire. The North is not a homogenous entity with no history of internal wars, is it?
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  17. Twizzle
    it was hard yeh, but 55 million helped
  18. Kiedis
    I think he handed himself well in those months before he left. Went away with us on tour, did his promotional work and said nice things about us. I wish him well except from the games against us.
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  19. Spurs1961
    I felt we missed him in our first three games when Trippier didn't seem to be playing at full fitness. But generally no, he is a replaceable player and the only reason we got so much money is the crassness of city's chequebook football
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