Where it’s going wrong for Alli

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Dec 18, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. guiltyparty
    Well that ended abruptly
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  2. Dillspur
    People need to remember, he's still only 21. He's going to have these blips, the important thing is to keep supporting him.
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  3. shelfmonkey
    His attitude is all wrong this season, why? Maybe the upcoming change of agent, Mendes I believe (correct me if I'm wrong). Alli would've already spoken with Mendes and an outline of his future would've already been discussed, so maybe he already knows he won't be at Spurs beyond this season and he's just going through the motions. Whatever the truth he needs a kick up the arse, imo!
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  4. guiltyparty
    Why is that spam? The article starts itself like some big investigation and then just ends, with a pithy ‘maybe he needs rest’, almost like they just ran out of stuff to say.
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  5. slartibartfast
    I think you're right. His body language compared to when he was flying and him and Dier were having their bromance is very noticeable. He hardly celebrates sometimes when we score. I think his agent has turned his head. Doesn't seem very fkin happy about it by the look of it.
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  6. Bobbins
    Totally agree, absolutely no idea why you’ve been spammed.

    As usual for these blog type articles, it’s a headline which suggests some great insight lies at the end of it which will reveal everything we didn’t know about a particular subject.

    And, like most of these blogs, what it actually does is quote some stats, compare them to last season which ends up showing that they’re meaningless since they’re almost exactly the same, and then just ends without suggesting what the great secret was all along.

    The secret was supposed to be why Dele’s performances have dropped off so far. What it ends up doing is just saying that they’ve done so. Yeah, we all already know that, what we don’t know is why.

    Click bait junk as usual.
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  7. JimmyG2
    *My own theory is that he can't cope
    with his first loss of form on his 'Golden' progress.
    He hasn't the maturity and experience
    to put it in perspective and see it through.
    Pochettino will be a big and crucial help
    but it must have come as a shock
    to see all the glittering possibilities fading.

    Haven't read the article but if it says anything different
    it's wrong.

    *See my blog:
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  8. mawspurs
    The article points out that he already has as many assists this season as the whole of last season. Whereas he goals per game and shot accuracy are way down. It sums up that it is the final third where he is struggling.

    I think as Jimmy points out he is struggling to cope with the dip in form and hopefully Poch’s planned chat with him will help him to work through that.

    At least partially his loss in form is down to premier league defenders getting used to his style of play and are so better prepared to stop him playing his natural game. This is what you’d expect of a young player still learning his craft. He now needs to adapt his game and add some more facets to his play to get past this and progress to become the player we all know he can be.

    We need to support him through that and boost his confidence not jump on every error he appears to make because things aren’t going for him.
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  9. Bobbins
    He hasn’t got anything like the same number of assists as the whole of last season - I saw that in the article and have no idea where they got that idea from.

    Last season he scored 18 goals and got 11 assists in the league alone.

    The season before he got 10 goals and 12 assists.

    This season he’s got 3 goals and 4 assists.

    Whoever wrote that article either made a massive typo or got his stats totally messed up.
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  10. Bilko
    He`s thinking too much.
    I´ve played golf professionally- know what's going on. He has to trust himself-his major driving force till now was ambition to get to the top-he sort of did it too quickly, he`ll need a good look at himself and have to realise he has to fight and focus like before.
    Relax young man and start again
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  11. spoon
    Jeez, the guy is only young, he's lost form, so has all other players, give him a chance to get his mojo back rather than starting baseless rumours like he's off next season!
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  12. Japhet
    Other teams have adapted to him. There's a wealth of footage and statistics which teams use to prepare. He's very often double teamed now but he still tries to nutmeg and trick his way out of everything. He might beat the first player but the second one invariably wins the ball. It's his turn to adapt now and that's when we'll see how good a player he really is.
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  13. Mullers
    I wouldn't say there was much wrong with him, he has scored 7 goals this season in total so far, that equals Dembele's career total with us.
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  14. Spurs 1961
    The lad needs to be given a break. He is off form but that is compared to his extremely high levels and continual improvement during his career. Hi knows he is not on form which is frustrating. He knows the team is off key which is frustrating. Fans need to show him patience and remember what a remarkable player he is.
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  15. guiltyparty
    Blimey, when you write it like that… That is absolutely shocking for a player who used to be a forward and with Dembele's ability.
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  16. he is you know!
    Whilst I agree that something is not quite right and maybe needs a constructive kick, I'm with dillspurs in that he needs our support.

    This piece appeared a couple of weeks ago, but predictably got no headlines at all anywhere, Ian Wright repeating incorrect Mendes babble from months ago doesn't help either because vast numbers will believe what they are fed.
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  17. Spur4life
    Give the lad a break to much hype since he had a very good season last year.Poch will need to have a good talk with him and calm him down.All players have a dip in form and when the come back it makes them stronger. maybe play him off the bench for atleast 4 or 5 games and play Lamela who looks fresh.
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  18. shelfmonkey
    Well reading that article certainly alters the perspective. Where did the Mendes rumours come from? I'm sure I read it on this site!

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