World Cup Match Thread DAY 4

Mr Pink

SC Supporter
Aug 25, 2010
hmm...not sure that German side looks the strongest.

No Schweinsteiger is a big loss for them, well he's on the bench.


You Can't Unfry Things Jerri
Jan 7, 2012
Portugal are the most consistent team on the planet

Euro 2000: They don't think the laws about handball apply to them
WC 2002: Wouldn't it be fun to punch the ref?
Euro 2004: Ronaldo and Rooney: a love story sealed with a wink. It's enough to make somebody cry
WC 2006: the Battle of Nuremburg
Euro 2008: Scolari tries to show Dragutinovic his cool new miniature fist tattoo
WC 2010: It's easy to to run up the score on the pathetic North Koreans. But against Spain....well that will just suck all the spit out of you
Euro 2012: I got 91 problems but a record number of fouls ain't one.
WC 2014: Well I think Sir Mix-A-Lot said it best

I like head butts and I can not lie
You Kraut brothers can't deny
That when striker sits down after a hand rake to the face
He'll get a round thing as he sits in place