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  • 2 things, either SC members must post a certain number of posts per week to be "allowed" to rate posts, or the forum must make you quote the post you give neg rep to in order to explain (expose) your point. It is making the forum less fun under the current set up. If you are not a mod, can you point me in the right direction to voice my concerns? Thanks as always and COYS!! end all – part 3
    They just troll around and put neg reps on posts from SC members who actually discuss things,... it's become annoying. I do not understand how to report them as they produce no posts to report. For example, look at ShamoneJackson. End of part 2
    something here at SC is getting right up my nose. This rating system,... it rewards trolls. I have not been hit with many neg rep ratings, but the majority I do get are from members who NEVER post anything themseves.
    I have an issue to share with you, but it will be more than 420 characters,... so here it is in 3 parts:
    Don't worry, not urgent at all - actually I could probably blame confusion caused by the mispelling for my inevitable poor showing!
    Any chance of an 'r' on the end of my name in the sexiest male intro post? I assume this is some passive aggressive response to me pointing out you'd spelt China wrong in an earlier post ;)
    was it just in the matches i missed it. Copy and paste error... just not had the time to sit down and get it all sorted, its been bits when i have had the time

    Hi Chris, is it useful to put into the banner the new under 21 league games where tthey coincide with EPL games. as it does at Newcastle

    That way if SC members are going to the EPL game they know they have an option to take in u 21 game too. Sometimes it will have a bearing on EPL selection as those playing in u 21 games will not play in EPL
    sorry for the late reply, didnt see this message until now

    I dont make the main banner for the match threads, but I can add something to the thread if this does happen again
    Forgot to say I finally caught up on Dexter season 6 last week, it was ok but but nowhere near as good as some of the other seasons. The ending was very good though, but I don't like the twist with debra and her "feelings" that was a bit silly I thought.
    I heard the next season was coming out in the springtime rather than summer so that will be better :)

    I know what you mean about overrunning it, I'd hate for it to drag on and start going downhill but so far it hasn't. I guess the producers think there is a lot more to come from Dexter if he has another 2 seasons signed up.
    You lucky so and so :razz: I'm very jealous.

    When you say good, do you mean better than season 1 or 4? as they are the best imo. I heard it was coming back to FX quicker this year so hopefully I won't have to long to wait :)
    Re the Cole thread - thanks for posting the 'office' vid - certainly cheered me up after the doom and gloom of last nights match. Cheers :)
    Hello mate. How can i see what my last few posts have been, not just ITK ones. There was one in particular im after re Modric going. Think it was in Transfer Rumour Forum last week at some point

    Cheers mate

    Wanted to say a massive thank you Chris for the time and effort you put aside to make a cracking siggy.Much appreciated along with all the other things you do on site thanks again mate :)
    Ah, I need stronger glasses / contacts it seems :D. Thanks for removing though, I know what utter b***rds Getty Images are......
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