Biggest Wins?


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Jul 9, 2019
I play on a load of different sites, & have had a few wins, but nothing more than £100. I would agree with the comments made about the people who win alot spend alot. What I tend to do is go via bingo then i spend the minimum required to earn myself some cashback! That way i don't really lose out on much, maybe the odd £10 here or there!


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Jul 26, 2004
Had a crazy win at party casino yesterday. Had some free spins and on the first spin I got a recurring win, basically every win leads to another with wild symbols appearing if the top three symbols are included in the win and every two wins increases a multiplier up to 10. And that first spin lasted about 200 spins.

Bearing in mind the spin value was 10p that first spin won £1265 o_O 12000 times stake.

Unfortunately there was a ten times wager attached but after grinding through I managed to come away with £500 for nothing. (y)

While it's not my biggest win it definitely is my biggest win for the stake.