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Dec 7, 2006
Poetry Corner (3)

While Harry1, Victor, Eric and Dele recover and Moussa, Harry2 and HmS get their breath back I thought I would fill in the gap before Burnley. What else have we got to do with our lives when Spurs aren't playing?

Actually I was waiting until my Poet Laureate application was processed so that I could announce the Good News but I've heard nothing yet. If anyone else has applied please keep us updated.

It will probably go to some establishment lickspital so don't hold your breaths.

And as my postbag has been overflowing with requests for the next installment in this ground-breaking Spurs fan-site feature (Oh yes it has) here goes. Family and work commitments will just have to wait.

The first is the most frequently asked and fittingly the most difficult to answer:

(1) Is this a poem?

The answer here is: possibly but probably not.
If it rhymes regularly it probably is. If it has a regular rhythm it might well be. If it has a tight form and intensity it might well be.

Sorry to be so evasive but there are so many different poetic forms. But regularity is certainly a clue and a high fibre diet is useful in this respect as Shakespeare's own life story confirms.

Does it have the spare, intensity of A&C's outbursts on the Match Thread? Probably not. But credit for effort here.

Is this a haiku?

Very easily answered because the Haiku has such a tightly controlled form.
3 lines, 17 syllables (5/7/5), non rhyming and building to a climax or comment in the third line.

Kids love Haiku's because the pattern is clear and they can achieve success with limited effort. They like limericks too for different reasons. The rhyme and the surprise, cheeky ending. See Poetry Corner 1

My favourite Classic Haiku is:

“The first cold shower
Even the monkey seems to want
A little coat of straw”

Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) Haiku Master. Very Zen.

Admit it none of you saw that ending coming

And here is a modern one which retains the classic form:

From across the lake,
Past the black winter trees,
Faint sounds of a flute.
(Richard Wright)

A 'flute' . There's a thing.

But a recently discovered one in an 18th. Century Japanese manuscript has a definite Spurs appeal.

A man poised here.
On the borders of glory
Harry scores again.

Modern poets of course don't keep to the pattern.. The Zen element appealed to Jack Kerouac, uncrowned King of the Beats and some of the Dead Beats who wrote many Haikus often set to Jazz riffs, very much a 60's thing.

Looking for my cat
In the weeds
I found a butterfly
(with a saxophone backing by Al Cohn and Zoot Sims.)


See the 60's weren't just the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and Sex.

What a treat. You may have to copy and paste the link as I am suffering with 'technophobia' and can't make the link work. Oops it's working. Thanks Doc.

Now purists and children among you will object that this is not a Haiku at all. But it's in the spirit of the thing if not the letter. The second line needs work Jack.


Are JimmyG2's posts poems?
Not usually. If they are I put, ' this is a poem' after them to avoid confusion..

What is the point of Poetry?

This is such an important but difficult question. Much more difficult than say 'What is the point of Arsenal?' so I will leave this one until the next Poetry Corner. Sorry to leave you hanging in suspense.

Your Haiku poems are welcome and will go towards the promised Spurs Community Anthology.
Current working title 'Contenders'.

I am negotiating with Chatto and Windus for a publishing deal but at the moment they want more than Toby bloody Alderweireld.

You're welcome
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Aug 20, 2013
Violets are blue,
Roses are red,
I'll bring the booze,
If you give me head.

Not the best chat up line, but if said often enough....surprisingly successful.


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Dec 7, 2006
Football too tense at the moment
so am waiting for when we either win the CL
or cement 3rd for the
keenly awaited (Oh yes it is)
Poetry Corner 4

(This is not a Poem)