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  • It’s been 2 transfer windows since I committed the most heinous crime one could possibly conceive, let alone carry out; posting a picture in the DITK thread. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on this since the resulting ban, and I can assure you that I will never exercise such reckless abandon for others again. In fact, I probably won’t even post in case I crack one of delicate egg shells I have to walk on. Unban?
    My bans been in place for about 8 windows now...if you get back please show me the way
    I can only assume taking the piss and trivialising the rule breaking is NOT the way to go :-p
    @Rob lol in this instance I can only express my thoughts on the situation through comedy because I cannnot, at all, see how the punishment is proportionate to the crime! The rules imply permanent bans are the result of ITK bashing, all I did was post a a non-offensive picture with relevance to the current discussion. I acknowledge now (in my exile) this is against the rules, but on the same level as ITK bashing? 😂 no
    Please remove the last ban that you gave me for the ITK forum as I am sure it was just a slip of the thumb. Many thanks 😘
    Skews me A&C but today is the 8th...…. your brand spanking new "not open for replies" ITK thread says for the 9th.
    Is that erroneous or are we not expecting any today?
    Hi I have been banned for a while now. I promise I'll read the rules carefully and abide by them. Is there any chance of being reinstated please? Thanks
    Hmm... U were ban since Aug 2017? Usually A&C let's everyone out on deadline day. Unless u are one of his favourites. :)
    I know - I miss being able to comment and chat about the rumours etc
    Hello mate I’m just wondering why I’m still banned from the ITK thread? Last time I asked you but got no answer, can you please answer me now
    I understand that you need to keep order around here, but banning people when they make a single post that offends you, blocking them from the ITK for the whole summer seems mad. I’m more than happy to contribute to the site with comments and ££ but not if you ban me and then won’t even talk to me about it?! I’ve sent two messages both of which I have had no reply to.
    Hello. My mobile browser (chrome) seems to get randomly redirected to ads/spam pages when browsing spurs community. Just wondering if you're aware of this and have any solutions?
    I think there's a thread in the Help Forum about this, if it isn't of any assistance post in there and one of our more technically minded bods will respond.
    Banned from the transfer forum for posting a small photo that wasn’t off topic... first strike and I’m out. This is one of the lesser known rules, surely you could have exercised some discretion and let me off with a warning? Very disproportionate punishment.
    Why did I get ban from the ITK forum? At least let me watch it but can’t comment for x days. I’m relatively new to this site so I really don’t know what’s going on
    You're probably gonna ignore me but I just wanted to know how long i'm banned from the transfer forum for? I thought my 'crime' was relatively minor tbf
    Any chance letting me back in for last few days.Done my time Surely.My crime looks lightweight compared to some stuff I see.thanks
    Hi! JJ just posted a cryptic on twitter: "A play on words from me as only really a 'meltdown' as we are looking to sign someone rather than who it actually is and is related to an "
    Sorry mate, forgot about the no pictures rule in the transfer forum.
    No complaints, let me know when I've served my penance.

    Would you settle for 5 Our Fathers and 10 Hail Mary's?
    Today is not a good day for you to go back in ;)
    Going batshit mental again are they? Or lots of Dad, I mean Levy, bashing?
    TBH, I understand the frustration, getting a little twitchy myself.
    Why can't I access the ITK forum? Every other forum is available.

    I have been a member since 2003.

    Thank you.
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