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Jun 8, 2003
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Feb 13, 1983 (Age: 35)

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The Boss, 35


Et voila! Oct 15, 2013

Rob was last seen:
Mar 21, 2018 at 10:33 PM
    1. HobbitSpur
      Hi Rob. I live in Bali and my card does not allow me to make any payments on line or outside Indonesia. Is there any other way that I can make payment for example transfer funds into an account directly?
    2. SpursDave88
      Hello Rob, I've also been banned from the Transfer thread...not sure why?
    3. kernowspurscoach1977
      Hi rob I seem to have lost my access to sitk and transfer rumours, what have I done? I am fairly non- descript in my posts and will be gutted if removed
    4. Jamturk
      Boss, jj is looking to post in the ITK thread and it's not open
      1. Rob
        Open now
        Jul 16, 2017
    5. brasil_spur
      Hi Rob, i'm getting "site not secure" messages when i try to log in and yesterday my company flagged up that i couldn't log into SC from work anymore. Looks like maybe your SSL certificate has expired? Any chance you can get this fixed, otherwise you might find there's less activity on the site come transfer window and donation drive time.
      1. Rob
        We don't have an SSL certificate and don't require one. Recently google started highlighting any website that has a login/input form as insecure if it doesn't run over SSL. We've looked into it but it's expensive and as we don't handle any financial details or anything sensitive it's not needed.

        This is purely a Google push towards SSL, the site is exactly the same as it has been for years.
        May 27, 2017
    6. Sarsipius
      Hi Rob, I'm having trouble getting a password reset link (I'm signed in on my phone but have lost the password and can't sign in on laptop etc) have repeatedly requested the reset email but it doesn't arrive.

      Help much appreciated!
    7. Wingnut_on_the_go
      Thanks Rob :) good idea, i'll email the club :)
    8. Wingnut_on_the_go
      Hi Rob, I'm off to see a friend in Kolkata in 4 weeks time and he runs a home for boys in the city, the boys love the EPL and I thought that they would like some lovely spurs shirts :) would you mind if i put a post in spurs chat asking if anyone would like to donate an old shirt that their child may have grown out of?
      1. Rob
        Go for it, if you need any help sorting it let us know and we'll do what we can. Might also be worth dropping the club an email :-)
        Jan 17, 2017
    9. shelfmonkey
    10. shelfmonkey
      Hi Rob, just got my phone back from repair shop and lost my spurscommunity app, any chance you can direct me to where I can get it back plz. Cheers
      1. Rob
    11. SimpleSimonSays
      Hey Rob, just tried to donate from the paypal link and it failed twice. Is there another way to pop a few quid into the coffers
      1. Rob
        Thanks for getting in touch :-) Paypal's by far the easiest and safest :-( Any idea why it failed? We sometimes have people send us a cheque in the post if nothing else works for them but it'd be better to see why paypal failed if possible :-)
        Dec 14, 2015
      2. SimpleSimonSays
        Rob, just tried again. Failed. When I clicked on the review and continue button a message comes up saying failed. I'll try again tomorrow
        Dec 14, 2015
    12. garymcl
      Thanks Rob, lets give it till Tuesday, if not in, ill try again
      1. Rob
        Still nothing our end mate :-)
        Jul 14, 2015
    13. garymcl
      Hi Rob, sent a message to A&C but think it should have went to you. I couldn't log on to PayPal via the SC link so used the pay by card link instead. Payment of £100 was processed then it finished up with an error page. Can you keep an eye and check it comes in? Drop me a line please if it doesn't and I'll try again. Cheers. Gary
      1. Rob
        Hi Gary,

        Nothing through yet but I'll let you know.

        Much appreciated! :-)
        Jul 10, 2015
    14. yidotastic1977
      why can i see the itk or other forums now ??
      1. Archibald&Crooks
        Because you didn't read the rules.
        Jul 7, 2015
    15. Gaz_Gammon

      I sent a donation in on Monday using my Android and didn't get a confirmation. Can you check to see if you received it if not i will donate again from my desktop.


      1. Rob
        PM me with your PayPal email address please :-)
        Jun 16, 2015
    16. LondonOllie
      Hi Rob,

      I had a suggestion about another forum section on Spurs Community.
      What about a job board? Either people to discuss what they do or what they want to do and get feedback and advice, but also for Spurs fans looking for work to ask the board if they knew of opportunities in a certain field of work, and vice versa, for people to post job openings at their company.

      1. Rob

        We never get enough interest to add extra forums and they just die a death. If job thread in Chat was busy and needed it we wouldn't ne against it's own forum but it's not at the minute.

        Cheers though

        Oct 23, 2014
    17. THOWIG
      Hi Rob sorry has the chat room been removed?
      1. Rob
        Nope we've not changed anything though we've not heavily publicised it for a while now
        Aug 24, 2014
      2. THOWIG
        Ah ok. Just not been able to find it. Sorry
        Aug 24, 2014
    18. stenard
      Probably too late, but if there are any stream codes still going that would be grand :)
      1. Rob
        Sorry, we only had a couple and they went fast!
        Aug 21, 2014
    19. Maske2g
      I wouldn't mind a link please. I can't even find a schnide one
      1. Rob
        Sorry, we only had a couple and they went fast!
        Aug 21, 2014
    20. Northernspurs
      I would like a code please
      1. Rob
        Sorry, we only had a couple and they went fast!
        Aug 21, 2014
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