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  • Well in future, as I advise anybody who chooses to post any opinion on a player be it good or bad....Leave it a few hours and then post as it normally results in a more objective and balanced view. I understand your annoyance at the result and at JD's performance, I was also extremely mifed. I just hate scapegoating in any form. It seems that JD is taking the brunt of this treatment lately. Members of this forum seem to think that shipping out JD and bringing in a brand new shiney striker will some how bring guarenteed success. Forgetting that JD has scored goals frequantly in previous seasons, and infact, at Portsmouth where the quality of the service is nothing like what he's getting at the moment. I infact hope JD goes, not for tottenham hotspur but for his sake. I understand you obviously had some anger you needed to vent and I apologise for the neg rep. You post was just the straw that broke the camels back after reading post after post about how "shit" our strikers are I had a moment of spite and I apologise.
    Ever amended it me 'ol mucker! :up:

    Not you when you were drunk! :lol:
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