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  • Ha, I did find it a bit odd when you took over! But gotta say you've been doing great, sorry to say I haven't had the chance to pop over lately, now that you're back I will! :wink: Relaxing you say, I´d rather say exciting! Nothing more so than the real thing thou! :roll:

    I've actually only ever been on this one, one first visit, and it was all I needed.. :grin: I've used computers since being a kiddie, and use them often, just never for anything advanced.. But you gotta love them, and the internet! Such a fabulous thing!
    Aw, it's just practice with the computer, that's how I learnt, I must say since I started doing the Mansion Contests, my skills with the photos have improved alot! :grin: You haven't been voting lately Sbix? Pop along if you get bored and have nothing else to do, you'll be welcome! :up:
    For some strange reason, doing that seems to help me chill....I can't explain it either! :shrug: :oops: :razz:
    This is definitely the best of the Spurs Forums, I joined a few around the time of Lasagnegate, but I've been coming here regularly now for a while. :up: Always been a Spurs fan, but depending on life, sometimes the ability to follow closely comes and goes, and at the moment it's very strong again. Great season so far! :cry: But I agree with your philosophy, support them come what may. :adios:
    Join date 2003 and only 372 posts, I guess you're not here often?
    Or probably you just have a normal life, unlike the rest of us forum geeks! :wink:
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