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    Lloris: I trusted Pochettino the second I met him

    Not to mention PFA team of the year left back Danny Rose.
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    And it's goodbye from nobody in particular, just another disillusioned fan

    I can understand the frustration, but it's misdirected. Unless we get an Abramovich-type chairman, or Man City-type owners we are never going to be able to compete at the very top level - which is to say for the League Title or regular Champion's League football. As plenty of others have...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Chew Barker Edition 29th July 2013

    He has never commented directly on that sort of matter - with good reason. While he might be in a position to say categorically that he is staying at present, doing so would only encourage the press to keep asking him for ever more. Think what a story they would make of it if his statements...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Chew Barker Edition 29th July 2013

    Yep, I reckon Valencia will only get the full Soldado fee if he helps us win back to back Champion's Leagues within the next 3 years! More hopeful regarding Bale as this current shitstorm is based on nothing more sound that Marca's dodgy assertions. Nothing Bale said before the squad went...
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    From Fratton Park to N17, Project Harry.

    What utter tosh. Yes we did well to come 5th two years running under Jol - but I don't recall Ziegler, Edman or Mendes featuring. We also came below Liverpool (the least financially doped of your benchmarks) in the table on both occasions. The 'disaster' Redknapp sorted out a team which was...
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    Emmanuel Adebayor (signs on a Loan)

    Adebayor to sign Just heard on Radio 5 that Adebayor had a medical at Tottenham today (25 Aug). Info came from Man City apparently.
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    Rafael Van der Vaart

    Both AS Futbol and Marca are reporting this as a done deal - 10-11m Euros. Dunno what to make of it!
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    GREAT GAMES: 1984 - Spurs 1 Anderlecht 1 (Spurs win 4-3 on pens)

    I got on the Shelf about an hour before kick-off that night and got literally lifted off my feet by the pressure of the crowd - they spread out a bit by kick-off luckily. My glasses flew off my nose when I celebrated Robbo's goal, but I managed to catch them in mid-air. Funnily enough I had a...
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    The CHRIS WADDLE thread

    Waddle memory If I remember correctly the first home game in which Chris Waddle really showed us what he was made of was vs QPR in early 1987 - a game notorious for Gavin Maguire's tackle that nearly took off Danny Thomas's leg and ended his career. Hoddle was injured if I remember rightly...
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    The GRAHAM ROBERTS thread

    I was in the right place to witness the equalizer vs Anderlecht, having risked being crushed to death at that end of the Shelf. Also remember the winner vs Citeh. How about the 30 yarder in the 'Championship Decider' against Everton? Anybody recall him being sent off on a stretcher after...